Help with team building (Def, Off, Titan, Raid, Defense for Alliance Wars, Atlantis)

So, my alliance offered to help me when I first joined over a few weeks ago if I needed any questions or help. Then, they stopped offering help and told me to refer to the boards. I do come across as abrasive and defensive, and I don’t mean to, I just want to be a better player. Plus, if you are going to post that you can ask for help whenever needed, and then are told to stop and refer to the boards–well, here we are.

I understand the mechanics of the game. I’m actually a fairly good player IMO, and I just want to know what is the ultimate team-ups for who I currently have. Some of the characters you will see I have been told to keep multiples of, even though I’m not sure I would need to. I just want to be a better player and advance through the game. I’m almost to SH 21 (I think I’m a little over 24 hours before I can start working on that, and I am about to LVL from 38 to 39.) I’m also almost finished in World 21 of Atlantis on Normal, and I am struggling with World 1 of Atlantis on Hard.

I have been using mono teams and 3-2-2 teams, but as you can see I don’t have a ton of choices in certain colors (luck of the draw I guess!)

One of the co-leaders of my group gave me a list of people to work on, but what I am looking for is more who flows better with who? And, if I’m asking the wrong question, then I guess we can close this topic whenever. I just wanted to see if anyone was able to help someone who wanted to improve his playing capability. (Plus, I’m getting sick of grinding effing 8-7 over and over and over again. LOL! But, if that is what it takes, I’ll continue to do it.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and happy gaming!! :+1:

(BTW, if the pics didn’t post, I’ll repost, but copy and paste instead of upload.)


You should start running your training camps 7/7 24/24 and start leveling
:purple_circle: Proteus, Rigard
:yellow_circle: Melia, Kailani
:large_blue_circle: Kiril, Sonya
:green_circle: Gadeirus, Berden, Caedmon
:red_circle: Boldtusk, Gormek, Scarlett

Just them, stop leveling few levels on your other ones.
lv 38 and 61/77 hero capacity fulled with low level heroes tells me that you should really read some basic guides such as

However, welcome back to the forum :slight_smile:


In our alliance we encourage discussing hero’s, synergies and teams. If you are not happy with your alliance and the feedback you’ve received keep looking for the right one.

To answer your question, I agree with @FraVit93. Focus your effort on that list.

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Thank you so much for pointing me out to this information. At first, I was like, "Oh great. Another person who thinks I must be some idiot and is being nice to me, but that first initial post about the tutorial was surprisingly entertaining!

Thanks for your help today. I’ve already started working on Rigard, and any that you see that are not ascended is because I am unable to move past their ascension points without the proper materials, which I have not come across yet.

One last question: what did you mean about the training camps 7/7 24/24? I have 4 training camps at LVL 20 and have them going most of the time. Are you informing me to just get them going 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week? I appreciate your help again. Thanks.

Thank you for your feedback as well. You both have been very helpful! Happy gaming! May we meet on the battlefield one day!

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Yes, your training camps shouldn’t ever rest! :stuck_out_tongue:

My first alliance members never had their training camps working at night for example and even now, when I inspect them, thay are playing with unmaxed heroes with a “last online” of 2 days and something like 2 years into the game.

Good luck with your loot, I hope you’ll find many ascension materials in it :slight_smile:

Personally I only run one or two training camps at 20 and the others at 11 (some prefer 13) as it is a more efficient way of producing feeders, in terms of time and food consumed. That way I can run them continuously. TC20 is too hungry.

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Yes, welcome back to the forum.
I would add to FraVit93’s list of heros to work on, 3* Mnesseus (fast and dispels) & Rudolph (you don’t have a maxed red 3*)- they’ll be quick to level up.

Wow! I only have one, but run 2xTC 11 constantly because they are inexpensive to run and a TC 2 as well.

My wife and I are in the same alliance. We were in an alliance war this morning. My alliance group members that were on when I woke up, which was 5:00 am CST, told me I should get my wife’s phone and play for her. You know? I get it. We want to win by any means necessary, so what would it hurt? She had, I think, four flags this morning. Getting on her phone was hard enough, because I didn’t know her password. I woke her a little and told her the situation, and she was fine with me doing it.

We had two really tough teams left of the offense to take down. I only had two flags left, and I had some powerful characters left (at least for me), and they insisted I use hers. I was able to do some damage with two flags, but not much. She didn’t have enough powerful characters, either, plus, I had a situation in front of me–have you ever played a game where the person you were playing with handed you a deck of cards that you never saw before and said, “Play”? I was in that position. I never played some of those characters before. I didn’t know how they played. I may have gone up against them in raids, but it is not like I am studying this game like schoolwork. I like this game, but it’s not my full-time thing.

She had two flags left before the war was over. She saw how the team was doing, and she felt she was a better cleanup. She probably should have stated that, but I thought I did earlier that morning.

Long story short, she never used those flags, and because of the alliance’s rules, she got demoted from “elder” to “member.” She has only been on the team for a little over three weeks and is just a few levels under me. I asked for an explanation. One of the members went all “Batman” and it suddenly felt like I should have burnt any of her characters in any form so that flags were used, even though no points would have been given, but she would have used all of her flags. Then boasted that he went through and did all this damage himself and would expect the same out of anyone else. He’s an “elder” too, and has been on the team much longer than us. I’m also an “elder,” and I told him to demote me, too. He refused because I used all my flags and did not just stand there.

I was offended for my wife and that the entire group of elders, co-leaders, and leader were treating us like this. The team has lost eleven members in the last three weeks. They are down to 15 members. I don’t know if I should stay now or go. I opted out of wars (as well as my wife) for now while we grow our teams more, but it went from a friendly group three weeks ago to either a communistic state or a dictatorship (and, yes, I’m not for sure which one…sorry.)

Needed to vent. Sorry. Wrong place. I’m sure someone will tell me. I won’t do it again.

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Thank you for that advice! I will add it to the list!

I am not running any at the moment…I unfortunately ran out of supplies because I was rapidly charging characters as fast as I could. I am planning on going back to 1 TC20, 2 TC11, and one at TC13 if I can do it. If not, I will do more 11s or I heard you could do a TC2 and feed some TC11 heroes over to the TC2.

From your vent, It sounds like you need to find a new alliance. If you post an ad in alliance recruitment explaining what you are looking for and your level, heros etc, you’ll be inundated with offers. Active daily players are like gold.


@GoDziLLa42. I agree with @Sarah2 Sarah. Based on your first post, I thought you should seek a new alliance. As your thread continued, it seems to me that’s the best choice.

This game has an awesome community but the recruitment is, well, not ideal. If you post in the alliance recruiting thread that you are seeking an alliance that can take two people, you’ll be encircled with options. I’d recommend giving it a go. This is a game, it’s supposed to be fun.

Alternatively, you can search those who have already posted here and reach out to one of them. Good luck.

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Everyone, thank you for the help and listening to me vent and the advice. I wasn’t very pleasant when I left the group ( I was cordial, but not pleasant), found out in LINE that they now consider me having “bad sportsmanship” (guess I will have to accept that title for defending my wife), and took the advice earlier and looked for another alliance. I started to name off my top line of troops, told what I was looking for, got an immediate response, and now my wife and I are on a team that in one night has been (more than words can express) extremely helpful, and they are getting us trained to be stronger, better and more knowledgable. Thank you, everyone, again, and I hope to see you all on the battlefield someday! :smiley::+1:


I hope you all the success with your new alliance.

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I’m glad you found a great alliance. Defending your wife is always the best thing to do, right or wrong. Good luck growing your teams.

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