A level 18 seeking help to develop teams

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum, so first of all thank you for your time and please excuse me for any errors.

Currently, I have only focussed on building one stable team. It has two attackers and three healers/debuff. Since Atlantis and joining an alliance I have come to understand having more teams is more of an obligation rather than a choice. Think of wars for example.

I am doing my best, I have read some topics here and I know there are many experienced players around here in the forum. Would it be possible to get some advise, so I can maximise all possibilities within my reach?

My main team for all modes (also my defense team):

All the heroes I possess are below. I know it’s not much. I create some heroes at the training building. I feed these to my main team. I have three buildings (13, 8 and 4). I was not playing a lot due to private reasons, but I will increase my play time siginificantly from now on.

If I missed any important details, or if you have any questions, let me know please.

Thank you in advance.


Everybody will say, ignore 5*, for now, build 3* teams first, then 4*, then 5*.
That said Sonya, Melandor, Boldtusk, are very good, take then as far as you can.
Finally what other heroes do you have?
Post your roster, and the experts will gladly help you.
Have fun.


Enlarge the second image to see all

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Here goes,
3* most are good and should be levelled,
Gil Ra is slow but good, i would do Balthazar first then her(?), Karil is at best ok.
4* Danza, can be tricky but if he on he is ON.
Chao, i like, fast, decent damage, cut mana.
The others i have no exp with them.
Have fun.


For now, since you don’t have 30 3* or better, keep them all. Level them one of each color at a time, starting with your 3*, then your 4*, then your 5*

The only 5* I would recommend you work on now is Ranvir for titans since you don’t have Wu or Tarlak


@Wolf9 provides sound advice

Stop feeding Gobbler, he is no good

Concentrate on one good hero in each colour and ascend as far as possible. Stop spreading your training out

Boldtusk Sonya Balthazar Mnesseus Chao is probably those five. Maybe Hawkmoon instead of BT, depends how far you can take him

Single colour training. BT gets all the red, Sonya the blue etc


Thank you all so much for the tips! I will try to put it to good use :slight_smile:

Let’s see.

You have some good heroes there, but you need more depth to play fully. I also suggest that you don’t spread your feeders but choose one hero of each colour to level. That will give you strength to go further in events and gain more ascend materials.

I would say
Purple - Balthasar
Yellow - Chao
Blue - continue with Sonya, then Gato
Red - continue with Boldtusk, then Hawkmoon
Green - Mnesseus, then continue with Melendor

Then you can make teams for several different types of events etc.

In couples of weeks you have a decent team for AW defence, events, challenges and 3* tournaments.

If you buy diamonds, do ten pull or two when Atlantis starts at the end of the month. Keep everything you get, don’t feed them away. You can use unlevelled heroes in alliance wars quite well, if you think strategically. Attack only those enemies your allies have all ready made weak, only one or two heroes still standing. Stack colour, even unlevelled can hurt when there is four or five of same colour. Therefore your flags are used, your ally mates more stronger teams can do more damage elsewhere and it’s beneficial to all.


Thank you for the various useful tips! :smile:

Great advice above. I’d use @Aunty’s plan.

In this game it is essential to level and ascend heroes. Undeveloped heroes have weak skills and low attack/defense/health. Your training camps should be busy all the time, ideally, making 1* and 2* heroes to level-up your main team.

There is a 20% bonus experience when you use matched-color training. Because you need to level up a whole team, you would be wise to get all of this bonus XP and only give yellow to yellow, red to red, etc.


Thanks! I noticed the bonus of matching same colours. Was not so sure about which to main, and what the long term strategy should be. @Aunty did provide many useful tips. More are welcome of course, but you guys have been amazing so far :smiley:

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In terms of your holy slot, I would say focus on Chao first, then Ranvir. Chao is a good four star to have as he does fast and good damage while delaying other specials. Don’t do Gobbler for your nature slot because he is extremely niche and not all that great for general usage. For dark, focus on Balthazar first then Gill-Ra. You got a pretty good roster of heroes so far.

For your nature slot take Melendor as far as you can, then go to Menessus. For ice, as someone previously suggessted, continue with Sonya then move on to Gato.

Yeah Aunty is pretty spot on!
I would keep gilra gobbler gato, as lagoon family as if you pull another two from Atlantis then got a full family! They help each other in ways, like I use gilra n gato as get extra attack use gilra special -44 defense if you blue tiles gato tile damage is high n that makes a lot of difference!

@Aunty_Krauser I will shelve Gobbler and Ranvir, thanks. Focus is on Chao, Sonya, Melendor, Balthazar and Boldtusk now.

@Dudeious.Maximus Thanks for the insight on my Atlantis characters. Could you tell me the odds of pulling two lagoon family cards? Or is there a topic where these odds are mentioned?

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There are odds of what your chances are getting a certain person! Ain’t to great tbh! I got Athena from 3 pulls but I honestly didn’t want her! Sorry people!
so it is random! But from my alliance they usually do better in a 10 pull then a 30! I had enough gems Atlantis coins for 11 pulls I did 3 one day got ■■■■ all then did 3 the next got, ghost girl, messene and Athena so I left it! Then got Grimm Colen and other messene so left it! So I thought I did alright got some new people I can work on!
I want a Wilbur bad maybe next time!

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