Assistance with building teams

I’ve been playing the game long enough to build teams that get results but now more than ever I feel behind the curve and the need to tighten up my teams. I’ve recently stopped spending so my heroes for the most part will be unchanged going forward, problem is I have so many to choose from it makes finding the right picks difficult.

These are my heroes. I also plan on getting Black Knight, most likely through Soul Exchange no matter how far down the line that is (my most sought after hero).
Could you help with team suggestions please?
Attack, defense, titan & tournament all welcome. Biggest weak spots for me are the 3 stars, I’ve always struggled with choosing the right ones for tournaments.

One thing that might be helpful to know before building teams is your play style so that teams can be tailored to that. Are you mono, 3/2,3/1/1, rainbow etc?;Also do you always stack Vs tank or do you prefer to focus on countering special skills irregardless of colour? Do you want 6 teams for war not using the same heroes or a selection of raid teams mixing and matching?

Sorry you’re correct would have helped to include that!
I attack with mono teams in every aspect of the game with a focus of colour stacking against the tank position or if there are two of the same colour on the team I will colour stack against that instead of the tank.
As I’ve got so many heroes I only level up one of each to force diversity in my gameplay. War teams will still colour stack, often I find success with it even colour stacking with a mono team the same colour as the tank.
For titans I was trying to incorporate either Tarlak or Ranvir on every team so 4-1/5-0 but recently changed to 5-0 and found greater success with that.
The one team I would say I am truly happy with is my purple raid team of Rigard-C, Tiburtus-C, Ursena, Killhare, Jabberwock. Every other team I feel like maybe I could improve it so want to see other suggestions for what people would do to draw inspiration.

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I don’t play mono so tagging someone who does, as short of the basics I can’t add much to that.

@sleepyhead @Muchacho any thoughts from a mono point of view?

My initial take would be to work in Sergei definitely to your titan teams Vs yellow and potentially your purple mono line up too.

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I actually don’t mono that much. I did an experiment with mono for a few months but generally do 3-2, 4-1, 2-2-1, etc.

Anyways, I circle back when I get some more time. If nothing else I can help with titan teams. That’s more heroes than I am used to looking at though. :laughing:


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@Kilted @Muchacho thank you both for taking the time on this, really do appreciate it!
It probably seems silly to be asking with this roster depth but if anything I find myself overwhelmed for choice now and stressing over emblem/LB priorities. :sweat_smile:
For titans I try not to use any items where possible to save them for events if needed so trying to keep them self-sufficient for the most part with decent results.
Current teams for titan are:

  • Rigard-C/Sergei/Tiburtus-C/Ursena/Jabberwock (recently swapped Jabber in for Quintus as too slow)
  • Guardian Jackal/White Rabbit/Joon-C/Malosi/Ranvir
  • Ariel-C/King Arthur/Magni-C/Athena/Jott
  • Tarlak/Buddy/Phileas Fogg/Lianna-C/Kingston (Silvaria to come in for Buddy once levelled)
  • Wilbur/Marjana-C/Scarlett-C/Elena-C/Asterius (Zagrog to come in for Scarlett-C once levelled)
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thanks for the tag @Kilted

@RubeusVulpes what level Titans do you fight?

although your titan teams seem all set… I see attack buff, defense down, EDD…

as to what you said, I agree that having too many choices can seem more overwhelming… I have a limited roster, so it’s much easier for me to set teams as I simply have few options lol

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Hi @sleepyhead thanks for jumping in as well.
We hit 14 star titans and usually always finish them off comfortably. Yeah the titans I’ve done my research and am comfortable on, I think my biggest concern is the tournaments, I see contrasting opinions and wonder if I have the best options for my attack teams. For defense on them I usually go with tank & flank in the off colour, so if no purple I’ll put 3 yellow in the middle 3 slots
Certainly seems like it generally at the moment, would be a nightmare if I was still spending and keeping up with all the latest heroes! I definitely can’t complain about being spoilt for choice haha

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yeah, it can be overwhelming… for 3* tournaments, I recommend checking out each tourney thread during the defense-setting phase. You will get lots of ideas AND help there, PLUS it will be less overwhelming if you think about one tournament at a time :stuck_out_tongue:
generally for 3*, I find speed is a greater concern than for 5*… because 3* tend to be frailer, mana troops aren’t allowed so no way to speed them up, and often it’s hit first or die (I find it much harder to recover in a 3* tourney than in a 4* or 5* one!)

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That’s a good shout, the only problem I find is you get such a mix of opinion it raises more questions than answers from a decision making point of view haha

Just wanted to follow up to say big thank you to everyone who commented here. I’ve looked at the threads for the past few tournaments and my word I cannot understate how valuable this is as a resource.
I never bothered looking previously as I assumed it would be very opinionated but the inclusion at the start of the previous top 10 defense teams and the end result at the bottom of the 10 defense teams when the tournament ends is massively useful for me.
For instance never saw the value to Anastasia but feel like she needs to be worked on. Going to spend an age looking through all the past tournaments and setting up a plan of who to work on :slight_smile: