For new players - the 4star heroes that changed the game for me

Since I read a lot of questions about heroes, many new people seem confused, I decided to start this topic.

The game can be tough. Especially if you don’t spend a lot of money for summons. If you DO spend the money early in the game - you might get heroes that you have no idea how to use and what they do.
If you are totally new, a hero with extremely valuable special skill might seem totally worthless to you.

So… The game changed for me once I got my hands on a few 4star heroes. I’m specifically talking about them, because 5stars are rare even further up in the game. In the beginning it takes insane luck to get one.

The first one I want to talk about is Boril.
The counterattack skill was immense for me. I rarely use him anymore, but he was the best hero I had at one point. For progressing through season 1 he was precious, won me so many lost battles! I actually finished off Dark Lord with Boril last man standing, counterattacking his special skill. If you get him or Cyprian (another perfect riposte hero), put them in the middle, they are extremely good early on. Even for raids. It’s true that a dispeller can easily remove the counterattack buff. BUT chances are that the dispeller kills himself while doing so. Not many people in bronze/silver even gold arena have enough common sence to attack the nonbuffed heroes to dispell perfect riposte.

Moving on… Little John/Skittleskull. Also gamechangers for me.
Never ever ignore a hero that can attack everyone with his special. Even if the mana speed is slow. You have mana potions, don’t you? If you are lucky enough to get mana troops or a character with +mana regen, the slow speed becomes much lesser issue.
Skittle has attack debuff, which is amazing for progressing through season 1. Can be the difference between life and death. Also works in raids, but I prefer John there.
The mana slow debuff is huge in raids. Also a little something from me… I was still in Silver arena when I got Little John and Wilbur. I practially stormed my way into Platinum with these two.
If you manage to fire Wilbur’s special and then Little John’s special, this is game over in 99% of the time.

Wilbur is somewhat rare hero, so I’m not gonna talk about him too much.
If you don’t have any defense reducing hero, I highly reccomend keeping Ulmer or something in your team until you get better one. Don’t hesitate to level Grimm/Gormek or Tiburtus. They can lead you to glory bigtime!

Another gamechanger for me was Boldtusk and/or Kiril. Before that you only get healers like Hawkmoon, who only well…heal. You might get Rigard or Sabina. Rigard is the better options since he heals and dispells your heroes. Sabina debuffs enemies, but a lot of snipers do that, so she is not neccecery.
But Boldtusk and Kiril heal AND buff your team. Awesome, right?

I never got Wu kong, but if you happen to pull him. Level him and use him for God’s sake. You’ll see why.

Why I post this?
Well, some new guys might get confused reading the forum.
There are a lot of posts saying that Boril or Skittle or Lil John are basically useless etc. And this is not true.
Early on any 4star is precious, so don’t hesitate to level them.

Best regards from me, hope I helped someone who is feeling confused.


Best heroes to max from TC13/20
Best 3☆ heroes: s1
Bane Kailani
Balthar Tyrum
Barden Barnnie Belith
Nashgar Azar Hawkmoon
Valen Gunnar Ulmar

Best 4☆ heroes S1
Wu Kong Li Xui Chao
Rigard Tiburtus Cyprain
Melendor Ceadmon LittleJohn
Gormek Boldtusk Scarlit Kalile
Kiril Grimm Sonya Boril

This based on personal experince, and all other Elder/Vetren players on forum.


Skip Prisca and level Tyrum for the dispel


Edited thanks sister :wink:


Just want to give some more props to Gandalf. I still use him A LOT in raids and against titans when I’m stacking green. His tile damage is top notch for a 4*, plus his deduff is can be a lifesaver in raids.


I got Kiril and Gormek in early time playing this game. And still using them now, and I don’t think I will ever change Kiril in my offense team even if I got another 5* blue. For a hero who can heal and stats up atk and def, he’s too precious to me.


Thank you for sharing! I wish I read this earlier!

Agree on Kiril & Boldtusk. My vote for best of the best for beginners goes to: Wukong!

With Wukong, my titan hits stay on the top, even with only around 3000TP, where a lot of our ally members are much stronger like 4000+ or something. So again, Wukong is a must have, if you own him. I heard that Tarlak is a better option with no chance to miss. Since my Tarlak is still on 2nd ascension, I didn’t find him work better than my Wukong at 4th ascension, at least not for now.

I had a lot of heros, and yes, when you were a beginner, you had no idea which one is better. What I did when I started this game was to level the first 4* or 5* I had for each colors. So my first rainbow team turned out to be: Sabina, Vivica, Aegir, Zim, and Elkanen. My goal was to pack all my heros or troops with all the stars I could get. It worked pretty well as biggenner I must add, as most ppl would use 3* team at the time, so things were easy, until you realized later that a well utilized team worked better than a team with just lots of stars…so I haven’t maxed my first team before I switched to another one. And after 2 months playing this game, I still haven’t got my first rainbow team maxed lol! Most of my original heros have been replaced by better options before they went into 3rd ascension.

Other 4* heros I like are: Proteus, Merlin and Wilbur. I had proteus from the start, but didn’t think he was any good as it hardly does any damage…I got Merlin and Wilbur later. I will surely max them in the future, maybe even more than just one:)


You must max him … he will help you finish all the hard stages on any event.
His skill is a gamechanger in my opinion.


Thanks Jedon, will do!!!


Confirmed. Proteus is really awesome in raids and wars. But he shines very bright in challenge events / world map :slight_smile:


My gamechanger was Hansel. He got me through season 1 and advanced santa’s challenge. He was my first 4* and I can’t see him riding the bench any time soon



You can probably add that almost any non TC hero (atlantis, event, seasonal, hotm) is worth leveling, if you’ve got the chance to get them.

Especially almost all Atlantis 3* and 4* are huge compared to TC

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A recent post I made in another thread:

So here’s my odd, personal definition of an A 4* – it a 4* I use with some frequency in wars or titan hits. I don’t have 30 maxed 5*, so using some is a necessity. My list of “A” 4* heroes is:

  • Wu Kong [omiited in error]]
  • Grimm
  • Merlin
  • Hansel
  • Jackal
  • Falcon
  • Boldtusk
  • Wilbur
  • Kiril
  • Rigard
  • Proteus
  • Gafar

I can’t pick one, so three it is. Hansel, Proteus and Wilber. These three carried me once i got them. Very useful in tough events/raids, that at the time, were way over my team power or even abilities.


Bah. That does it… I guess I’m saving this months gems all for Atlantis.


For me it has to be Wu. After I maxed him the game became fun. I was able to take out full 5 * teams in raids, and my titan damage increased.

To date I still use him on titans even on 12*


Love this topic!

Before I write my list, I want to give some background for the sake of credibility (and I suppose I don’t mind bragging a little, haha!): I’ve been playing for nearly a year, I’ve maxed all my buildings, and I’ve got a pretty deep roster of maxed 4* and 5* heroes at this point. It took a lot of patience (and money, particularly for the 5* heroes) to get to this point. Along the way I learned that it’s most certainly possible to compete (*see definition of “compete” below) with the big spenders, even if you’re not one, as long as you’re willing to farm/grind, and as long as you use your scarcest resources (read: non-farmable ascension materials) wisely. To that end, I hope to be able to help the next generation of F2P players (among which I include myself, as I have a second account which I don’t spend money on, other than the VIP Pass, which is by FAR the best value in the game) with the following thoughts.

First, I’ll give a quick list of my top picks for each color: Rigard, Wu Kong, Kiril, Hansel, and Wilbur.

Here are thoughts on the Training Camp heroes:


  • Must max: Rigard, Sabina, Tiburtus. Rigard’s ability to dispel ailments from your own heroes is invaluable, in particular. Sabina is the perfect antidote to Riposte heroes. Tiburtus is a staple against yellow titans, and is a good general purpose attacker in raids/wars.
  • Other: Cyprian. I dunno. I’ve never been a big fan of Perfect Riposte heroes, myself. They can help you “punch up” against stronger foes (both in raids/wars, and on the map), but I don’t like the fact that you have to let your enemy hit you for this special to be effective (not to mention, they usually get some hits in before you’re able to fully charge in the first place).


  • Must max: WU KONG! Indispensable against titans of all colors. Also useful for “punching up” against stronger enemies on the map and in raids/wars.
  • Other: Li Xiu isn’t a bad defense team hero. Chao can be useful as an attacker since he’s fast mana. Hu Tao just stinks.


  • Must max: Kiril, Grimm, Sonya. Pretty self-explanatory, I think.
  • Other: Boril. See my comments on Cyprian above.


  • Must max: Caedmon, Melendor. Also pretty self-explanatory, I think.
  • Other: Skittleskull, Little John, Kashhrek. Slow mana heroes just don’t play well in too many situations. Kash is a pretty good tank in the Platinum raid arena, but becomes completely worthless beyond that, and is not a good attacking hero in any scenario.


  • Must max: Boldtusk, Gormek. Self-explanatory. I’ll throw Scarlett in here too, even though I actually haven’t maxed her myself. I didn’t get her until I’d been playing for quite a while, by which point I had some good red 5* heroes to ascend instead. But her tile damage and ability to weaken enemy attacks are both very useful against green titans.
  • Other: Kelile isn’t bad, I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to max her. It’s rare that I’d say not to max ANY fast mana hero, actually. But she’s not GREAT either. Colen is too squishy; since his special is slow too, he often gets killed before he can get it off.

And here are thoughts on the other 4*heroes:


  • Must max: Proteus. Any time you can prevent an enemy special from firing, that’s a big win.
  • Good, but not a “must”: Merlin
  • I have no idea, because I don’t own these heroes, or haven’t had a chance to feed them yet: Ameonna, Gaffar.
  • Don’t bother: First Mate Boomer, Jabbar


  • Must max: Guardian Jackal is the key to big numbers on purple titans. Gretel is fantastic for “punching up” in raid attacks and wars, and also for big boss fights in events and on the map. Any time you can prevent an enemy special from firing, that’s a big win.
  • Good, but not a “must”: None
  • I have no idea, because I don’t own these heroes, or haven’t had a chance to feed them yet: Danzaburo
  • Don’t bother: None


  • Must max: None
  • Good, but not a “must”: Triton
  • I have no idea, because I don’t own these heroes, or haven’t had a chance to feed them yet: Agwe
  • Don’t bother: Valeria. (I maxed her. I regret it.)


  • Must max: Cabin Boy Peters, Hansel. Hansel is even better than Gretel for “punching up” in raid attacks and wars, and also for big boss fights in events and on the map. Any time you can prevent an enemy special from firing, that’s a big win. I don’t own Peters, but same premise. Also, shout out to OP here: He said “If you are totally new, a hero with extremely valuable special skill might seem totally worthless to you.” Well, that was me with Hansel. I pulled two early on, and fed one to whatever green I was leveling at the time. I didn’t understand how good his special is at first, and now deeply regret that decision. I would LOVE to have a second Hansel for wars.
  • Good, but not a “must”: Gadeirus
  • I have no idea, because I don’t own these heroes, or haven’t had a chance to feed them yet: Jack O’Hare
  • Don’t bother: Gobbler


  • Must max: Wilbur. He’s the second key (after Wu Kong) to huge scores against titans of all colors. If you get him before Tiburtus/Grimm/Gormek, you may not need to max any of them at all. (They’re all still useful for stuff other than titans though, but their specials don’t stack with Wilbur’s, and his defense debuff on enemies is a higher % than theirs.) Also, Guardian Falcon is the key to even bigger numbers on green titans.
  • Good, but not a “must”: Lancelot
  • I have no idea, because I don’t own these heroes, or haven’t had a chance to feed them yet: Sumitomo
  • Don’t bother: None

Hope this info is useful! Feel free to follow up with any questions, and I’ll be glad to answer as time permits.


You forgot Gan Ju for the 3* holy’s.


Wu missing out?..missing gamble I guess

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An oversight. Wu should have been #1.


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