Help with heroes please

Hi people.
I’m new to the game and just wanted to throw my team out there for advice. I want a good strong all rounder team to start with. I have most 4* heroes. Please advise… I have those shown plus also Hu Tao lvl 1.

I don’t think you need two healers for your first team. Since your Rigard is most leveled of the 3 good healers you have, I would say continue with him and feed all purple feeder heroes to him. For the other colors:

Yellow: Wu (because of titans), Li
Green: Caed, Kashrek (could be your new tank on defense when finished)
Blue: Sonya, Kiril, Grimm
Red: Gormek, BT, decide on Kelile later based on what reds you have by that time

With that your main team would be Rigard, Wu, Caedmin, Sonya, Gormek - well functioning for titan (that you need for your growth the most) and offense, not perfect for defense, but that will change with Kashrek and Li. Don’t worry about trophies for now :slight_smile:


Grimm first before Sonya. He is the hardest hitter of the pulverizer triplets


His Gormek is higher than his Grimm, so easier to finish. That’s why maybe a dispeller could have benefits over a second pulveriser?

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First of all. Hu Tao and skittleskull are crap. Boril, Kelile, little john are ok. And the others are very good.

Your Defence Team line up:

Caedmon, gormek, Li xiu, rigard, Grimm

Ascend füll following heroes:

Yellow: Li xiu, Wu kong, Chao
Purple: rigard
Blue: Grimm, kiril, Sonja
Red: gormek, boldtusk
Green: caedmon, kashrek

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Yellow: Wu
Red : Bold then Gormek
Blue: Grimm then Sonya
Green: Kashrek then Cead
Dark: Recard ofc

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Thank you, some things to chew over here.

I like the way Kiril and Gormek skills combine - With Kiril I get added attack; with Gormek, enemy defense is lowered. So using them together is not bad, and get around the potential problem of buffs not stacking.

Li Xiu is useful - it’s nice to drop enemy mana, but she doesn’t hit that hard.

I see Grimm is better than Gormek as a pulverizer, but I don’t want to use them together because their buffs will not stack = wasted skill.

I might just take my current team as high as I can, maybe 3/60. And level the others while I wait for ascension mats. If I get mats for 1 ascension to 4, it’d probably be Rigard, as he’s pretty solid. A good healer is important and his purification is useful.

I’m wondering why Titans are so important. Will do some reading on that.

Thanks again for your help, people.

Thanks Silver.

I am wondering why Titans are so important for growth. Maybe I need to pay more attention to the rewards,

Thanks. But won’t it be a problem that there’s only one heavy hitting skill here?
Grimm pulverises, but the others are all defenders (except Wu).
Am I missing something?

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I don’t really want to use Grimm and Gormek together, because their skills (reduce defense of enemies) don’t stack, hence a bit of a wasted skill.

A heavy hitter rainbow team would be:


Each team has 3 fast mana heavy hitters.
Could be good, you think?

Because titans and titan chests are a source of ascension materials. The harder you hit the titan, the better chances you have for mats.


If you are not bothered by not first completing the ones you have already started.


Wu will also help you with events and quests. Some don’t like raiding with him. I do. I used him for a long time over any of the other yellows in raiding until I got Joon. I still use 2 of him in wars.

I find Gormeks damage a bit to low and I would not want to do both Sonya and Caedmon first.


Gormek, Sonya and Cead are healers?

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Sorry, perhaps I misunderstood.
I was referring to the first one of each colour you mentioned.
Wu Bold Grim Kash Rig

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First of each color is the important to have first in that color but if you alread have a healer you can get the attacker first.
But I’d go same way I wrote cause even healers has a great tile damage to hit titans and win even raids if you stack colors of 2 or 3 of same colors.
I am winning TPs of 4000 with team of 3400 with stacking 3 heroes 2 of them are healers 1 is Wu and other 2 are Gormek and Lj.
Winning the 4k tps like hitting paper :wink:

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Forgetting current levels from your choices i’d go for this as a good offensive option:
Rigard, Wu kong, Kashhrek, Kiril and Kelile

Rigard - I’ve only put him in because you have no other purples, ideally you’d want in Tibertus or similar defensive debuff character as the above would have three healers which is overkill.

Wu Kong - Is an absolute must, his gamblers chance skill will stack with Kirils attack buff

Kashrek - Is a good tank and will heal the two around him so you can keep Wu and your other healer Kiril around for longer

Kiril - Such a good hero! His heal and defensive buff and attack buff is a great way of taking off more titan damage. Titans respond best to tile damage rather than individual attacks so is a good combo of him and Wu kong.

Kelile - Fast special skill will mean she will be ready sooner and with the other buffs should do a lot of damage and then keep taking it off with the burn afterwards!

Defensively - i’d swap out wu kong for li xiu, she has the mana drop which is good for a defensive character, it will also stop your heroes from missing in raids.

Really jealous of your team options! i’dd love to have Kiril! fair to say purple is your weak colour though.



Hi guys. Thanks for the thoughts.
I have way more heroes and less money now. Seriously, I gotta reign it in lol.

I’m a bit overwhelmed, not knowing who to focus on. Probably team 1 & 2 now. Or should I focus on Aegir instead of Grimm.

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Unless you have all of the scopes for Aegir I wouldn’t worry about him right now. You’ve got a good tank in Kashrek for your current team, and Grimm will be much more useful much sooner.


I think u should only level up six fingered heroes. That should narrow it down?

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