Rigard + Grimm OR Kiril + Tiburtus ? :)

Hello, all. I’m fairly new to the game. I’ve just been grinding away, but starting to understand how things work a bit more! Just looking for some advice for my main, general purpose 4* army!

I’ve decided on Wu Kong for yellow (I also have Li Xiu and Chao)
I’ve decided on Caedmon for green (I also have Melendor)
I’ve decided on Gormek for red (Seemed like a tough choice over Kelile, I DO NOT have Bold Tusk :frowning: )

As the topic states I’m just trying to balance my blue and purple the best!
I have blue: Grimm, Kiril, Boril
I have purple: Tiburtus, Cyprian

I currently have equipped: Tib, Grimm, Wu Kong, Caedmon and Gormek. (3 of them have the same special move)… But I’m thinking I should have a healer.

ALSO of my deck, which 2 or 3 cards would you focus on upgrading the MOST???

Thanks for any and all advice!!!

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You’ve got a great set of hero’s for starting out.

Overall Rigard, Grimm & Kiril are 3 of the best 4* heros and you should level them all… Wu Kong and Caedmon too (Caedmon may not be as good as the rest but green is a weak colour IMO and his debuff is handy).

Melendor is also important as he debuffs the oposition, whereas Rigard cleanses your own team of ailments.

Tibertus and Cyprian are good for purple. Personally i’d train Cyprian first given you are already training Gormek & Grimm.

Early on, i’d setup your defense team something like: (note: Wu Kong is mainly an offensive hero, wouldn’t put him in defense when you can afford not to).

Grimm - Caedmon - Cyprian - Gormek - Rigard

Having a 2nd hero same colour as your tank isn’t ideal, but you are starting out, so should do fine.


A defensible choice. As @maldos04 says, he is not good on defense, so a case can be made for Li Xiu. Wu is great for Titans, though.

Both good choices. I prefer Melendor, but I also have Sonya, who does the same thing as Caedmon. Caedmon will help on druid trials; they are short on hitters in that class.

I don’t think this is that close a call. I have Gormek maxed and Kelile close. Gormek is way better, imo. Good choice.

Join the club, friend. It’s a bummer.

The post title seems to indicate that you have Rigard. If so, choose him. He’s the only four-star who cleanses status ailments. That’s a super valuable skill. I wanted him earlier and stopped leveling a five-star purple to work on him when I did get him.

I don’t have Kiril and wish I did, but if you want a pure healer, Rigard is your guy. Kiril’s buffs are nice, but he doesn’t heal as much. Plus, many folks prefer Grimm over the other Ramming Pulverizers. I personally have all three maxed and love them all, but Grimm is a serious damage dealer. In response to the title question, I’d go Rigard + Grimm.


Rigard is arguably the most useful 4* in the game. I run in high diamond and am routinely in the top 100 and was 2nd globally a couple days ago and he’s on my primary purple team.

Grimm is also very good and can be on your top level team for a long time.

Kiril is very good as well.

Tib is good, but there are many purples better.

Boril is possibly a better tank than Cyp but both are good.

I’d always suggest starting with Rigard and building your best strategy from there. He won’t kill anyone, but he’ll keep your killers alive better than almost anyone.


Wow, it nice to see these forums so active!

All of your advice in invaluable to me!
Thank you for investing a little bit of your time to help a newbie!!! :slight_smile:


Agree with @Halifax, build around Rigard. I was lucky, he was my first 4* and I still use him regularly.

In the beginning and even later when you have some maxed 5*, you’ll still lose a lot of raid defenses so don’t stress or focus on it.

You’re doing right by lvling Wu, he’s invaluable vs titans and a wildcard to help you win raids vs much stronger opponents.

If you pull Wilbur, same argument as Wu. Neither are good on defense.

The other 4* you’re lvling are all top notch.

Just as an FYI… I never lvled Gormek. I think he’s meh, especially once you have Wilbur.

Since you already have Grimm and Tibs, I’d suggest Kelile over Gormek.


I prefer Tibs over Grimm (one of my alliance mates an myself like to tease each other which is better, but she still insists that Grimm is better :roll_eyes: :rofl:). He doesn’t hit as hard (lower attack stat) but can take more hits than Grimm (higher defense). Both are better than Gormek IMO. He’s weaker in both stats, but has one of the highest maximum HPs in the game (good for healing wars).

Rigard is a great healer (he’s in most of my teams), but his bonus of dispelling ailments can be replicated with antidotes. He still has a higher healing power than Kiril though, so I still prefer Rigs. I don’t notice much of the benefit from the attack and defense boost Kiril gives (seem to die just as quick without it). Healers like Melendor or Sabina are invaluable, as they clear enemy buffs as well as heal, but they’re a little soft in defense.

Wu is awesome for titans (as previously stated), but I think he’s more of an indirect offensive hero than defensive. I cleared 99% of Atlantis (on Normal) with 2 maxed 4s (Wu being one of them) and some tier 3 level 60 4s, and cleared Season 1 with Wu as my only maxed 4*. But it’s definitely a gamble with Wu. You can take out strong enemies when his special is active, but a few misses could cause you to lose too.

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If you pull Wilbur early enough new players have a hard time dealing w him on defence. Boril/Wilbur/Cyp is a nasty Centre 3 for new players


I’m currently on the Grimm 2020 advisory council. Watching him vaporize guys is one of the best parts of my day. Got him at +12.

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@Aboisso27 I have the Frida/Isarnia 1-2 combo for obliteration… Now that’s fun :smiling_imp:

I prefer Tibs for survivability as a balanced hero. Mine’s currently at +12 also.

Plus I think the ranger bonus skill is better than the barbarian bonus skill… Bypass defense buffs (including riposte) versus being revived with 1 HP :man_shrugging:

Wu Kong is the correct choice for yellow.
Rigard for purple.
Grimm for blue.
I’d do Kelile over Gormek since Gormek is worse than Tibs and Grimm
Caedmon is fine for green, you want a couple fast hitters so he and Kelile will do.

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My Grimmy is at +19. He’s a menace to others

Your current equipped seems to be the right choice since you lack hitters.

You can either replace Tibs with Rigard or replace Grimm with Kiril.

Always good to have at least 1 of the 2 in your team.

Keep Gormek.

I would go:

Blue: Grimm, then Kiril
Purple: Tiburtus

Got Tibs at +10 ;). Him and panther together are great Guin killers.

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