To Grim or to Gormek?

I started playing back in November, and until just the last few weeks, I had a good grasp on what hero I was going to level up next. At this point though I’ve gotten a plethora of heros and could use some help.
My current defense team, keeps me in the mid platinum cup count.

And my current roster:

wow a lot of people on this forum have Myztero, I dont understand it, given how statistically impossible it was to summon him lol.

great roster so far!!

Evelyn seems like the no brainer for you for green.
Boldtusk is very productive for red.
Grim for blue. Grim is a very solid s1 4* def down hero.
Chao looks like your only option left for yellow.

I would level up Myz to at least 3/70 because it seems like a pretty cool hero to use.

Interesting: Their (Grimm versus Gormek) specials are identical: Ramming Pulverizer at 295%. They differ on the rest of their stats.

Grimm has more tile damage (thus his special is stronger). As a result, he’s better against titans. Gormek has a little more defense and a lot more heart.

If you leveled Gormek, you could make your defense Sonya - Gormek - Heimdall - Rigard - Li Xiu.

This would put a debuffer on the left wing. I think Gormek is sturdier than Kelile and since you’ve emblemed Rigard, it would be too passive to add Boldtusk to your defense.

Ultimately, I recommend you identify one hero of each element and work on all five of them simultaneously. Thus you don’t have a Grimm versus Gormek decision, but a Gormek versus Scarlett decision (or rather, five of them).


Congrats on Heimdall! Great get!

Anyway, there are a lot of tangents I could on about your full roster, but sticking strictly to your title of Grimm vs Gormek I would pick Grimm.

Gormek’s greatest strength is taking hits, especially at lower raid arenas. I think you have other heroes that are as durable as Gormek whose special brings more to the table than Gormek. Grimm’s tile and special damage for a multi-enemy hit special is pretty great. Obviously the ability of the specials here is a wash :upside_down_face:.

My general mind set is if you have enough hit takers a good hitter is more valuable. Especially since you need more hitters for 6 war teams than hit takers.

Good luck!

Thanks for the replies all! Grim vs. Gormek seemed like an important question, but overall I’m looking to spruce up my defense team all around.

I agree Evelyn is must for my green team against blue titans.

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