[help]Which costume to work on and why?

Which costume should be my next project?
  • Sonya
  • Li xiu
  • Melendor
  • Boldtusk
  • Caedmon
  • Tiburtus

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And if you could, can you tell me if it’s just for the costume bonus stats or would you use the costume version?

Thanks! I know they’re not flashy but you work w what you got right :rofl:

Without any information on your roster I am going with Melendor. His costume improves his skill significantly (adds defense up) and actually makes him less squishy, which is instrumental for healer. Personally I use his costume version much more and I find him better.

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Depends on the rest of your roster. I would say Sonya because everyone needs a fast cleanser. She gets the nod because she’s a little more survivable than Caedmon.

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@Nightmare2048 @Quinn3 thanks here’s my updated roster. I’ll add it to the post too

These are just the heroes I have available for war. I do have a. Unlevelled guardian falcon that I know I need to work on too lol

Considering you have fully leveled C.Rigard I would say Sonya then, as with her costume she can cleanse and yes, she is sturdier than Caedmon. Then Melendor.

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I’d work on cTiburtus. He is very useful with his defense down all.

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Tiburtus simply Titan defense down and less squishy with the bonus

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I voted Sonya
Blue is your weakest color due to lack of five stars so I was looking for a blue hero. She also already has emblems meaning you’re making one of your more used heroes better.

I disagree with the Mel votes given the number of healers you already have for green.

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@Ruskin505 Thanks I believe sonya takes the cake! Should I use her regular w costume bonus or the costume version?

The thing I love about Sonya costume is both versions are useful. I alternate back and forth depending on whether a dispeller or cleanser is more valuable.


@Ruskin505 so versatile!

Depend on needs on each… C = costume, CB = costume bonus.

Caedmon and Sonya: both (CB and C) are needed for dispell or cleanse at fast+ speed.
Melendor: All avarage CB or C has advantadge to use mana troop level 5 to make it 9 tiles charge.
Boldtusk: same as Melendor
Tiburtus: same as Melendor, I use C for raid, war, map, quest and use CB for Titan.
Li Xiu: in my case I only use for tank in tournament, and I think I never use in offense any more.

So, I canot answer the poll, because all of them are great equally except maybe Li Xiu.

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I use Melendor and Tiburtus costumes all the time. Even with a costumed Rigard (of which I have three), Melendor is very useful. It depends which is more critical to you – healing or def down.

Also, an emblemed costumed Melendor has high tile damage (mine is attack 815).

I find Sonya and Caedmon more useful in their regular outfits. BT is for me primarily for the attack boost so also more often uncostumed.

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If you research the forum there are quite a few posts that explain who best to play in costume, which is situational and who best to play with just the costume bonus.
Here you go just found one …

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Sonya and Caedmon are situational for me. depends whether I need a dispeller or cleanser more. though, I usually go mono, so for Green it’s often Costumed Melendor and Costumed Caedmon - one cleanser one dispeller.

Tiburtus, Melendor, Boldtusk and Li Xiu all benefit greatly from the costume’s mana bonus. of these though, Melendor benefits the most from his costume’s special (adding a defense boost).

I agree with @Ruskin505 , Sonya will add the most to your roster now. Your Greens are quite strong already, and as I mentioned above the others don’t have much difference in special between normal and costume.


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