Help me pick an enemy-debuff hero

Hi Gang,

I’ve got a 5-star defense team that can hold 2300 cups over night.

But I never levelled up an enemy-debuff hero :frowning:

In that light, can you recommend a hero to level up. These are my options:

Hero (Ascension Tier/Hero level):

Sonya (3/01)
Domitia (2/04)
Caedmon (1/37)
Melendor (1/30)

As you can see, my options are pretty decent. I just need to put the effort into one of them. I’ve got two green heroes fully maxed (Lianna, Hansel), two purple heroes fully maxed (Rigard, Sartana), and two blue heroes maxed (Boril, Rumplestiltskin).

Given all that, who do you think I should raise up? I’m thinking either Sonya or Melendor. Sonya because she’s cool looking, and is the farthest along. Melendor because I only have 2 healers atm (Rigard & Boldtusk) and could probably use another for war.


EDIT: I realized I don’t have the cloaks to bring Sonya to tier 4 ascension. I do, however, have all the mats needed to bring a green hero to 4/70. Caedmon or Melendor?

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I would do Mel just for what you mentioned. Healers are very important and you want as many as possible leveled.

But all 4 of those are good options. The 3 4*'s I use in wars and on titans. I actually have dupes of them leveled to 60. I don’t have Domitia but you have Sartana so she would only be war depth for you.

Thanks Rockstar

I’m thinking Melendor too.

Domitia is prohibitively expensive (5 stars nyeh).

Sonya doesn’t have the mats.

Melendor compliments Hansel and Lianna in a green stack better than Caedmon - I could use a true healer beyond just rigard and boldtusk, and Gandalf ahem Melendor fits the spot perfectly.

My only reservation is that Melendor is average speed, while Caedmon is fast.

This means I could run Lianna, Hansel, and Caedmon in a green stack, all of whom are fast mana heroes, and unload at the same time (after 9 green tiles are fired)

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But Mel has high tile damage and works well as a compliment. But I see your point for Caedmonas I have 2 of him leveled as well and he is great.

On Blue titans I actually use those 4 with Wu (Lianna, Hansel, Caedmon, Melandor)

And it is important to have as many healers as possible.

Given everything I would still lean Mel for the healer aspect alone. But Caed soon after.

Given everything I would still lean Mel for the healer aspect alone. But Caed soon after.

I like to hear it. I just adore his classic swords and sorcery character design: YOU SHALL NOT PASS

I prefer Melendor’s model, I also generally need another true healer (all I have are Boldtusk, Rigard, and 33% chance to heal from Rumplestiltskin). Vivica and Kunchen are sitting on the bench at level 1 - I just don’t have mats for a 5 star right now.

Good to know Melendor’s tile damage is high. I want to go with him, truly. I just have a suspicion that my 3-green stack would be better with Caedmon, while everything else (alliance wars, team balance, character model) makes me lean toward Smelly Melly (that beard needs a wash lol).

Anyway - thank you for the feedback. It’s been on my mind.

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At the end of the day it is your decision. I can only give my opinion. I have used both quite often in the beginning to middle of my game play. Both are effective. Mel is a little squishy so needs some emblems or protection but that is ok. Caedmon is one of the most all around 4*'s.