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What do you think are the best heroes to level costumes for? I’m excited about Viking Sonya. A fast cleanser is gold. I also like Rigard, Melendor and Vivica the magician. Uncertain if any of my Boldtusks should dress as chefs though. Less attack bonus/more healing is meh …


Sonya, Rigard and Melendor are worthy on dressing or leveling up a dupe to use both versions.
Vivica, Horghall and Quintus are worthy dressing too.
The other ones just max for classes trials and attack/defense/mana/life bonus


I agree with @ShuraCDZ only i would add tiburtus in the worthy list and id remove horghall and quintus. That’s cause tib’s costume drops defense to all enemy heroes in average mana speed. Less percentage but to all.


yeah, I forgot about him :sweat_smile:

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… but yet a poor mans Wilbur or Isarnia. Not sure if I’ll invest in Gene Simmons costume for Tibs.

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I think we have to consider everyone in terms of an increasingly niche market.

While Kiss Tibs might not be the equal of isarnia, we now have to think about the limitations of trials, tournaments and elemental reflection!

So fewer heroes are ideal for every scenario and a broad roster gives many more options in all the new rule-sets :upside_down_face:


For a 3* hero, Hawkmoon isn’t bad either. Goes from purely a healer to a regen (over time) + an attack % buff for all allies.


All of them are great, if not for the skill then for the stats they gain. Skittleskull with costume just joined my titan squad with her 778 attack - more than Ameonna!

Skill wise, I will be happy for Rigard (unique purple +attack) and Sonya (fast blue cleanser for GM or upcoming February HotM).

Problem with the costumes is the greed though. I hope one day they will add keys to random drops, like Atlantis coins. No way I am ever going to spend on that gate when it doesn’t give a HotM %. So I can like them all I want, but will never see most of them.


I pulled Sonya and Melendor on the first run, and I think both of them do have a big benefit from the costumes.

Further the Upgrade from Joon looks really good too me, as the only HOTMs I have are Margie, Alby and Grazul and Tarlak from Season2, so an upgraded Hitter would make me pretty happy.

Boldtusk for me. I’ve just maxed the costume and got to +19 on the talent grid. Then, with a basic level 1 Mana troop, BT charges in 9 tiles. Even with a level 30 mana troop and +20 class node on the costume, unfortunately he is still 1% mana away from being a fast hero (8 tilesł

Anyway, a 9-tile hero who heals everyone by 37%, puts everyone’s attack up, has 793 defence before troops added, and over 1500 health?


One of my favourite heroes in the game now, 5* stats for real. And didn’t cost me a penny :grin:

(edited due to my rubbish maths)


I am looking forward to maxing my Melendor costume. Blue titans have a tendency to have -def skills, and having that +def skill to offset makes him huge! I’m a tad bit sad I removed emblems from him now…

I have to add Gunnar, awesome costume for challenge

To me it’s dapper by a landslide.


Titans: Rigard, Vivica, Elena.
PvP: Sonya, Vivica, Isarnia.

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I second Gunnar, depending on the team composition the costume skill could be more useful than the normal skill.

still thinking whether Joon’s costume’s added damage is worth the reduction in accuracy debuff…

@peppersHS I though the percentage of defense dropped was still the same just affects everyone across the field?

Top ones per level for me.

5* - Viv - Now the only yellow hero with a defense down except for the newly introduced White Rabbit. Anyone who has a grasp on the game will want her bad.

4* - Rigard - 48% Atk Buff + Heals + Cure. Costume bonus also allows use of lvl11 Mana troops to bring him right at fast speed. That is huge. He now ties or even surpasses the 5* Khiona depending on the situation.

3* - Hawkmoon - Hard call, but I give it to her with her new +Atk boost.


Just my personal opinion. Maxing every costume for the boost is just worth it.

good/excellent: Brienne(Athenas little sister), Hawkmoon(little Bt), Tyrum(cleanse)

average: Bane, Gunnar( since there is already Ulmer in blue 3* def down)


good / excellent: Sonya(switch between dispell & cleanse), Rigard(only atk buff purple) Melendor(solid def up) Tiburtus( all def down)

average: Skittles, LiXiu, Boldtusk …t oo samey


good: Vivica(all def down) Lianna,Horghall( -54% ! atk)

I am not experienced enough to give statements about the others, though they look a bit samey.

Just my thoughts


Gunnar - Turns him into a mini wilbur. Will be amazing in events.
Brienne - Turns her into mini Athena. I heard Athena is good. Again amazing for events.
Rigard - Even if you forget is ability, the stat buff makes Rigard who is a staple for many people in high level wars more sturdy which is already a bonus. Then he gives your whole team a mini Ares effect with damage buff and heal over time which is perfect for titans. Not to mention he keeps his cleanse.
Melendor - Costume version makes him so much more relevant with the increased defense to his stats so you can actually use him in high level ascension wars. Give him some blems and he will be tough as nails. What I love most is that he gives your team a defense buff as well when he fires.
Sonya - Fast. Cleanse. That is so important for 4* tournaments especially when Purple is restricted.
Vivica - Vivica costume turns her into a titan hero. She solves 2 problems in one small magician package. A big defense down (higher than White Rabbit) and heals your team which is important for higher star titans where Ranvir/ Wu will cause your team to whiff.
Joon - May look very insignificant from the surface, but costume joon changes him to Fighter class. If you don’t have Poseidon (or maybe if you do but can’t spare him the Fighter class emblems), Joon now gets a significant upgrade on defense. Oh and his snipe damage gets an upgrade in both versions.
Lianna - Alasie is good, Lianna is essentially Alasie with a bigger mana slow but dispellable. The second part is only relevant occasionally since the purpose of the mana slow is to prevent your opponent from getting their first special to fire off.
Isarnia & Elena - They both get significant upgrades to their tile damage and if you are into Legendary events, they should be considered for that purpose.


Less % but his original is only 295% to one of 3 and minor to the others. The minor is probably 175% or less so it works out for him. Add in the -def to all. He is a good one.

I like Tyrum myself, a sniping cleanser!

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