Second Kiril vs Second Costume Sonya

I was thinking which blue should be my next project.
As i feed on colour i can just do one.
Im leaning towards c.sonya because the bonus of the costume, the fast speed and the versatility of having another clean/dispel at hand .

Kiril is good too, healers are always welcomed thats why i have already plenty healers maxed:

X2 c melendor
X2 Boldtusk
X2 c rigard

So without listening the 3* or pseudo healers like grazul they are 9 healers .

Blues maxed


Another blues to the mix that need to be maxed.
Valeria / C.Boril both at 3.60.

Im in doubt, really i cant decide because i need to strengh my blues , i may end maxing both , but which want to have earlier i dont know

Got blue mana troops at lvl 11? Then I’d do Kiril. If not, then Sonya. But can’t really go wrong either way.

Edit: I read too hastily, seems you dont have Kiril’s costume. Then my bet is Sonya regardless


Exactly. Unless i pull kiril this costume chamber its c.sonya vs normal kiril

I would look to costume Sonya first, even if it’s just for the bonus stats.
In costume she is very much situational in my opinion.
Whichever hero you choose good luck


With 2 costume Sonya you can take 1 costumed and 1 not costumed to have both dispel and cleanse.

2nd Kiril is nice for war or TOL, but with 9 healers he won’t get used much


The thing is that this choice is purely thinking in war depth


My personal preference tends to be mono attacks;so for war, given his offensive options, a second Kiril would probably make more sense. That’s just me though.

Edit: sorry Wizard. Just saw your comment about war. Mine is probably somewhat redundant now.

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Is a tough pick. There are sometimes where i see myself needing more cleanse or dispel.
However its true, another Kiril would be so good to stack blue. Because if i will run blue twice, and going mono, i will need a second healer (kiril)

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I’d prob lean towards ©sonya of finish the vamp chick off gets some fire power as with your healers I’d say you prob have enough already.
(But depending on how many you want to take into war and what’s your game play style 2-2-1 3-2 mono etc)

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Well reasoned.

Many are suggesting Sonya +©, and you won’t go wrong as she can be so useful.

I got really lucky not long ago and landed Ariel so she can do one option of Sonya’s special and Kiril’s heal. However, I intend to max a second of each after current blue projects. So either option first has merit.

I noticed you’ve got a couple of Melendor costumes maxed too. Some use an off colour healer and he dispels too, so for wars… Mono maybe Kiril, if you play mixed, not so necessary.

Which fits your preferred play style requirements for war?

It depends on the enemy dudeious. If it outpower me so much like for example my team 3700 vs a 4200 team id rather run a full mono team. I havent try a 4-1 yet .

If the teams have the same power or are close i like to run a 3-2

In addition to what i said above , about running a full mono or a 3-2 .

There are sometimes where i feel confident and i run with only a healer but not always, i have run even a mono purple with two rigards , proteus and ursena / c tiburtus.

The confidence that healers bring to the table has no price. So id say that in offense , in wars , im more conservative (is it the right word?) Than agressive.

Kiril fits perfect that playstyle

About sonya, she is not an agressive hero like triton, shes more tactical . In my level of war you can find more variety than in a top alliance. Sometimes you find defenses which requieres to bring dispel and cleanse.

I will summon the leaders :blush: maybe they can help me a little bit , i think they know my roster.

@Math4lyfe @Rigs


If for war depth, I would go duplicate costumed Sonya. That already gives you one new dispeller and one new cleanser. plus, you run a mix of mono and 3/2; you already have 9 healers which will allow you to have 3 war hits with 2 healers; and 3 more hits with 1 healer. But you don’t have quite as many cleansers or dispellers that I can see.


You don’t seem to have enough good blues to make a good second blue team for war… but with all the DOT on teams now cleanse from Sonya is always handy

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If i go mono blue then what it remains is not enough but there are reinforcements coming.

C.sonya, Kiril and C.richard . Available mats for everyone.

With them and my war level enviroment , hopefully will be enough to make a second blue war team.

Thanks for your feedback. I think i will do c.sonya first so


I didn’t read all the comments but based on your original post I’d go with sonya2 over Valeria and boril. She’s a study hero even before her costume bonus… I run double Sonya’s in raid tournaments… one with, one without costume.



I will do the dwarf later or sooner only by how he looks.

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I think the mana troops only have to be at lvl 5 with the costume mana bonus? That’s what I understand at least.

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My suggestion: level both of them simultaneously. Feed 2nd Kiril with 1* same-colored feeders while Sonya gets 2* same-colored feeders since you will also leveling her costume version and as such, may be maxed both approx at the same time. I know I am not alone in leveling 10 heroes at the same time (my current leveling plan: 2* same-colored feeders to 5* heroes; 1* same-colored feeders to 3-4* heroes). Currently working on my 2nd Sonya with costume while my 2nd Kiril is standing by at 3/60 awaiting to get his costume soon, if lucky.

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