Melendor in his costume (+emblems?)


i just finished the Melendor Costume. Does anybody have experience with the costumed version? on offense on defense? is the heal over time better than the one time heal? how about the defense up he applies? Is it worh to use emblems on him? and if so go for defense and health on the wizard emblem tree i guess?

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I’m personally a huge fan of Mel with costume, he went from an unusable hero without it to now being one of my best healers. I have him at node 17 (his next 3 nodes will add 42 attack and 2% mana for me, which will allow me to drop a tile from him with a level 11 mana troop, which is huge). Here he is at current.


I don’'t have the costume but I have him at +20 so here is him with those stats. Using emblems you can only use them on his Druid version and whatever path you use there will copy over to his costume so if there is something you want more use of in the costume version you have to modify the druid path to match the costume path. Hope that makes sense. He is incredible and with a L11 mana troop he charges with 9 tiles instead of 10 as a druid. Again that would change in his costume version.
Here he is at +20 with all defense except the first tier I think I upped attack 1 time.

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I think you need a L17 troop for only a 2% boost. On mine he has a 4% boost which works with the L11 mana troop. If you only get a 2% boost that needs a L17 troop. That is what I need on my Rigard to let him drop one tile.

Costumes come with a 5% mana boost.

2% mana for me, which will allow me to drop a tile from him with a level 11 mana troop

You only need level 5 mana troop. 7% from troop and 5% from costume bonus is enough for average speed heroes to drop one tile.

Ahh I forget about that. I just looked at my +20 Kiril who is a wizard. he gets the 2% as well so like Rigard I would need the L11 troop. I forgot about that stat boost. Unfortunately I only got Bane and Tyrum but was hoping to get Viv to give me a free yellow Kunchen but no luck. MAybe next month!

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Even better then. I don’t have a level 5 mana so hadn’t tested that, assumed it would be right on the line though.

looks nice… so 9 tiles instead of 10?

Can you show the talent tree that you took? all hp and defense?

do you have experience on using him in defense?

I don’t use him on defense, no. I did take all defense and health (wizard path spending Druid emblems).

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okay thanks… since i use Rigard (+16 , no costume available ) on defense i was wondering if Mel could be a better option (because of the defense up…

I have him maxed but havent started leveling his costume yet. His costume is unique, it has a very different gameplay (which is so good since most of costumes are just variations of the original hero like Li and BT ones). I am planning to max another Melendor to use his both versions on my second green team

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Hi @all,

so, i have maxed his costome and gave him all the emblems.

Here are some facts:

Mana speed:

He is almost fast now. With 7% mana plus (costtume 5 and emblems 2) and a manatroop level 12 (9% mana) he charges now with 9 tiles in offense. (to be a true fast he would need +25% mana which is impossible with manatroop and class bonus only ). But having 9 instead of 10 tiles makes me feel like he is fast since i do have 3 3-match more often than 2-4 match in offense.

I’m not sure if he behaves like an almost fast hero in defense too but i would assume so (never understood how mana gen in defense works)



i like his costume stats whicht are in the 5 star regions (look at Alby or Tarlak below). His un-costumed stats are looking nice if you take him out to hit the titan … :wink: (and use the banners for defense up…)

Tarlak_-_Hero_Card Alberich_-_Hero_Card

Not sure if i would say he is a 5 star healer now… i don’t have any 5 star healers … but i like him on offense and i try him out in defense like this right now (testing some synergy there):




I really regretted my prejudice with Melendor and the emblems I don’t putted on him.
My first costum and is a fantastic addition.

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Emblems can always be moved tho

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Hello, I’m new here and fairly new to the game, I rarely played for couple of months being more into Clash Royale since it requires skill, I still believe, and that it’s mainly because I’m in the beginning, that this game is mostly luck! But I’m really open to learn more hopefully you can prove me wrong and teach me how to play :kissing_heart:

My main question is how to talent grid Melendor and I have read the forums and most of you suggested to place him left flank next to tank.
I will post a screenshot of my team and I’m really open to suggestions.
Also you can see all my heros at the moment, please make suggestions if you believe I can improve my team.
I read Richard is good for tank, don’t know really if i should keep using Colen or replace him with Jean-François and have no idea what to do with Guinevere…
Also I must say this, not long ago I faced an opponent with teampower much lower then mine that I could not defeat due to Costume Melendor being placed in the middle, a match that I was sure I will win. His Melendor charged full mana so fast he was always healing before I could dispel it and seriously thought about placing him as tank in the middle :joy:
Please let me know, all help would really be apreciate it.
Thank you

Is it even possible to get melendor down to 8 tiles? Or 9 tiles is the lowest mana-speed there is för this hero?

Currently it is not possible…
It need 25% mana.
4%: maximum Melendor as Druid in emblem +20.
15%: mana troop lvl 29
5%: costume bonus
Total = 24%, so it need 1% more, down to 8 tiles.

It’s reachable with Kingston elemental link or any other mana booster notably Brynhild

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Okey, thx for info. In that case (my case) its just a big mistake go get him to emblem 20 (having him at 19 atm, and the additional 70 druid emblems for the last step feels like wasting then, correct? The druid emblem 20 gives me 4% mana, but in no use?