Help on Red Ascension: Marjana, Khagan, Jean-Francois, or Wilbur?

I recently received a trove of reds, and I can’t figure out which one to spend my precious few ascension materials on.

My defense team is currently:
Li Xiu+6

For my top war team, I swap out Boldtusk with Khagan 3.70 because Khagan’s weakness is that he dies easily, but Alberich helps with that and if I can get both those guys going, the mana buff is insane.

I have Marjana at 3.70, Wilbur at 3.60, and a brand new Jean-Francois.

From the hero grading, it looks like it’s a cinch I should ascend Marjana when I get that 6th ring; however,

  • I’ve seen some posts here touting Jean-Francois instead (though I can’t see it–150 burn for 2 turns seems pretty weak)
  • the Khagan-Alberich synergy has been really nice.
  • Wilbur can be aggravating to go up against (don’t have enough experience in wars/raids actually using him to know what he’s like on offense)

Just to flood with info, for raids I usually go with a 3/2 combination with Alberich, Sartana, and Kiril as the default anchors.

How do you feel I should use my treasured rings and blades? Marjana, Khagan, Jean-Francois, or Wilbur?


Wilbur, you won’t regret it. Also, levelling him up further won’t use any rings. Wilbur+Boldy has great synergy. Throw in Kaghan & you have one mean red stack. Besides, you still can level up Marjana too with the rings, and you get a great fast sniper. JF does not have any synergy with Wilbur+Boldy because he’s DOT. So, I’d level him after Marjana, and by the time you get another 6 rings you might have something better.


Wilbur can do it quick won’t regret it.

Wilbur, he is cheap and has many uses.
Then Jean-François (you can out him as your tank) and finally Marjana.
Ascend Khagan just if you would be sure you wouldn’t pull other red heroes while also having 12 rings.

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I’m going to disagree with many here and say you should max Marjana (the only red sniper in the game) over the other. From what I see, you have a lot of support heroes. You need to change that ASAP and Marjana will do that for you.

I’m going to say JF.

You already have Sartana, you don’t need another sniper. You have 3 healers which should really be changed. JF is a fantastic support damage hero. The entire enemy team will lose 300+ hp in two turns while having all of his great support abilities active. When those two turns are up you will probably be ready to fire off again. Meanwhile, you have Li to help mana control, Sartana to snipe everyone off, and Alby to help keep that synergy going for as long as possible.

Wilbur first. He’s the only 4* hero that greatly increases both your damage output and your survivability.

He’s the best red 4*, and I mean that – I value him more than Boldtusk and G. Falcon.


Another +1 for Wilbur


I vote Wilbur as well. He is a game changer. And with emblems, he (like many 4*) has 5* stats. Mine is at +19 and he is 653/782/1323.

20 charactor

I had similar dillema - except my Wilbur has been maxed long time ago :slight_smile: if you have mats, ie 4 blades Wilbur is no brainer :slight_smile:
Regarding the remaining ones - I have khagan, mariana and JF at 1/1 and I wonder who is worthy of the rings.
Khagan is rather a bench-warmer, so the dilemma is who to pick M or JF. Initially I was completely sure that JF should get the rings…but now I hesitate.
I decided to bring him to 3/70 in order to see him cooperating with my red team members (titan / war setup). And Mariana is also getting 3/70 but I have her on my alt account already and I know that she can burn your ■■■ (especially with few emblems of her) :slight_smile:

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Both Marjana and J.F. won’t be very impressive at 3.70. Their burn will be mediocre at that level, since it increases with their attack stat.

Jean is the better hero IMO. His burn increases to about 370 damage over 2 turns with a solid mana troop equipped. More when emblems are mixed in; it makes him a very good offensive hero, helps whittle down opponents to sniper KO range. His support is underrated too, both buffs can help against a number of threatening blue wings and flanks – like Alice and Finley, or Athena and Vela respectively.

Wilbur is a game changer! Also awesome on red team for green Titans! I vote for Wibur!

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For the Wilbur fans:

Wilbur at 3.60 and 8/8 for special is already fantastic for the titans. Will taking him to 4.70 make a dramatic difference?

Just adds to survivability & also allows you to take him out on raids to complement any DoA heroes you might have (e.g. isarnia, colen etc…)

I got Wilbur and Jean Francois, I have the materials for both but which one should I level first?

As in you have the full set of materials to FULLY ascend JF? or just to take him to 3rd ascension?

To fully ascend a 5* red hero you need:

  • 4x Hidden Blades, 1x Compass & 1x Fine gloves to go to 3rd ascension.
  • To go from 3rd to 4th ascension you need a further 4x hidden blades, 6x rings, 1x tome of tactics & 1x Damascus blade.

If you can’t go all the way on JF, I would go with wilbur as a maxed 4* is much better & useful than a 5* hero stuck at 3-70

Also worth noting that Wilbur is one of the most versatile heroes in the game… very handy at providing longevity to titan teams & while raiding…

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“Wilbur first” is always the right answer. Oh, unless you’ve got one or more already levelled.


I’m going to ascend Wilbur as a delaying tactic on the Marjana vs JF point. Once that’s done, on the slow, I’ll look at that site that reports which heroes are used by the top 100 and see where they stand.

Thanks for all the thoughts!

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