JF, Khagan, or wait?

Current maxed red 5* lineup:


I would guess the overall consensus is going to be JF here. My problem is that I always stack, and all 3 of the heroes above have a sort of anti-synergy with JF. Marjana’s burn damage doesn’t stack with JF, Grazul protects against defense down already, and Mitsuko provides defense vs. blue enemies.

Khagan I know doesn’t get a lot of love here either, but he at least feels less redundant with my current lineup.

Am I better off just hanging onto my rings until something better comes along?

JF for wars. You want as many great reds as you can manage. Khagan… might be better off waiting before you max him, you’re likely to get a lot of other 5* reds you like more.


@solipsism, JF makes the most sense for ME…which is to say you know what is best for you. He’s a decent hero and will likely fill a need for you. Having 2 Grazul’s isn’t a horrible idea so instead why not have a different hero?
I’d suggest what @CoreyOfTheIsland said about Khagan. I have my Khagan sitting at 3/70, and he’s been there for a minute. He’s still just as useful when needed in war but with so many good red hero’s PLUS Season3 starting on the 28th, I’d highly suggest holding onto this rings (unless you have a glut of 30, then hell with it. Level ALL the things!!!)

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In my honest opinion, I would probably take both to 3/70 and see how they stack for you.
In the meantime you could get lucky with the new S3 heroes that gives you more options.
Good luck

Jean-François is better than Khagan and works very well with Marjana , you just have to remember to fire him after her snipe.

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I have JF moderately emblemed and all of your maxed reds as well, and while I do like him, I do think a lot about how poorly he works with the other red heroes I use. That being said, I specifically chose him over Khagan because I can significantly load him up with emblems that Khagan will never see, as my ranger roster is so much deeper than my wizard pool.

Regardless of your emblem situation, I doubt Khagan is a better choice. I think If you are bringing a 3 red stack you probably want everybody to do some damage, and replacing Grazul with JF will bring a lot more punch. His specific fit with Marjana and Mitsuko is somewhat clunky, but the do all still work, and the crit bonus is nice. The other clear case for JF is for your green titan team, since your reds all have pretty poor base tile damage. JF has the highest base attack to begin with, and I value his crit bonus much more than Khagan’s defense and mana buffs.

Ultimately Khagan is a slow hero who isn’t impactful enough to make up for his mana speed. If you are sitting on a horde of ranger emblems and you will make a super Khagan it would help his case, and if you are just too bothered by the poor fit between JF and Mitsuko/Marjana that’s fine too, it won’t break your roster to max Khagan first. Personally, however, I had no qualms skipping over Khagan for yet another round of rings.

True, but J.F. charges first most of the time.

He can be a nice safety net in case Mitsuko isn’t ready to use her skill when you need it (which can happen).

I used both in beta together for raiding, with great success.

Great point @DaveCozy! JF WILL be ready before Mitsy most of the time. Which then in turn you have Mitsy as a safety net if things are starting to look…shooty? (Sure it’s a word!!)

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