Which red hero to ascend?

Hi, I have enough AM (even rings) to ascend one of my red heroes. Those are competing for ascension: Khagan, Elena (both 2/60), Colen, Wilbur, Sumitomo (all 3/60)

Which of these would you ascend?

Other my (ascended enough to be usable) heroes are Grimm, Caedmon, Scarlett, Wu, Rigard, Richard, Tiburtus, Li Xiu, Horghall, BT, Sonya, Hu Tao, Hel, Triton, Boril, LJ, Ameonna, Seshat, Domitia, Sabina, Cyprian and Kash, however, none of my 5* heroes is after the last ascension except for Horghall.

I am interested mainly in AW and both types of raids (and all types of “special” events). I am at level 44.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Given you are in early to mid game, I’d recommend Wilbur first. Pair him with BT to melt entire teams

Elena is nice on titans, Khagan is a serviceable tank, but I think Wilbur is an essential tool in your toolbox, and the others can wait

I think when you get to the fives, I’d go Elena. I have her at 4/80 and she is pretty good


In my honest opinion it would have to be Wilbur- 100% - he is a game changer


100% shaarkot. You should level that guy

Definitely Wilbur. Elena over Khagan for your first 5* but neither is the greatest

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Another vote for Wilbur. Then maybe sumitomo.

Wilbur first. You’ll use him even with your 5s. Then its a coin toss. I had Elena and khagan at same time I chose khagan to give him rings to max but got mitsuko that morning so rings waited and she got them first. Good luck. Wilbur is the only s2 I need from the 4s.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. Wilbur won the AM. (He and Colen were my favorites.)

Need help in figuring out who to ascend. I have Elena, marajana, azlar and anzogh all at 3/70.

It really does depend on your roster. But for me it would have to be Anzogh- 100%

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