Thoughts on Delilah, is she still relevant?

Failed at getting any of the featured heroes from the Tavern but pulled Delilah instead. I know Professor Zuri is better but I don’t have her, or any other 5* yellow healers for that matter (other than Wolfgang if he counts).

I was planning on ascending Uraeus next (who I pulled during Atlantis), would Delilah jump the queue and is she even worth ascending? My other maxed yellows are Poseidon, Wolfgang, White Rabbit, Devana and Inari.

Thanks for your advice!

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Since you don’t own any legendary holy healer I’d max her, actually. I think she’s pretty devastating when she revives and heal plus minions. If you have emblems for her that’s even better. I used to absotely hate fight against her and she was my top wanted hero for some time. She’s a little obsolete now but totally fine and worthy hero. About Uraeus, a fine damage dealer, but you own at least 4 damage dealers already and Devana to deal with minions.

I’d max Delilah. Those are my thoughts.


I agree 100% ( see notes )


Click for Notes ( Fighter Healers, Pseudo HP Boosting )

Old post, but purple anti minion are very niche ( looking at you Grimble, give Grimble a defense debuff costume, the inverse of Gormek’s situation )

Pseudo HP Boosting


As a bonus, revives and minions ( Pseudo HP Boosting ) even in Bloody Battle ( just loses the immediate heal )



Just to add my 2c – Delilah also gets the 2018 HOTM bonus if you can pair her with any other 2018 HOTM


She’s great. Especially with some of the support heroes that create nice synergy with her.


In your shoes my honest opinion would be to focus on Delilah first 100%
Whichever hero you choose good luck


If you have 10+ darts and surplus fighter emblems, then maybe.

I haven’t used Delilah in over a year, granted I have been lucky with Prof, Cviv, Zuri but I don’t use them all the time.

My advice is to max and LB d’andre. I use both nearly every war vs top defenses. Save your mats!

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My alliance is currently using yellow tanks and she (Delilah) happens to be my strongest yellow. She’s not LB’ed, but she is +20. Her stats are 796, 833, 1493. From memory, her minions run roughly 225 hp. Times x3 it’s a decent meat-shield. Shes long been one of my favorites. Hope this helps. Happy hunting :slight_smile:


I Still use her all the time, still in my defence team as tank.
Above is her fully emblemed and limit broken.
Delilah is always in my defence team with my limit broken zimkitty. The family bonus is useful


^ For a side-by-side comparison

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