Delilah or Inari?

I just pulled Delilah and Inari from Atlantis. Have 6 and only 6 darts and the rest of the mats to ascend one but not the other. They both seem worthy of ascension. I’m leaning Delilah but would love your thoughts.

Here’s my current situation: Defense team - Leonidas, Gravemaker, Magni, Ares, and Sartana. All are maxed except Sartana @ 4/71 and climbing. Evelyn is in development to get a full rainbow 5* maxed set. Leo is my only 5* yellow. Ares is my only 5* healer. All my 4* healers are maxed. I’ve got all the worthy 4* regular season 1 heroes maxed plus Wilbur, and Triton is at 4/45. Just started on Zimkitty.

Inari looks like great fun. Delilah looks more practical as a full healer. OTOH, Inari is a rogue where I am thin. Delilah is a fighter where I already have Magni. BTW, I’ve also got enough orbs to take the other one up to 3/70.

Delila, I hate her more than Guin. I saw some Dator war hits with Inari, she is incredible good IMO, but better ascend Delila to 4^80 and have fun with 3^70 Inari :relaxed:


That’s what I did. 20 characters

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Depending on position placement and healer availability.

If you are going to replace Leo in the left corner, then go for Delilah.

If you are going to move to a yellow tank then Inari and her insane Rogue class.

I got 2 Inaris + Thoth-Amun for 10 pulls and her special skill is really strange. She doing nothing till somebody shoot on you special skill. After dodged special skill she have little fox like Delilah helmet man what doing higher damage + mana regeneration. Looks very good for titans and Raids, but not good as middle tank. She have very high attack. I think she is good is it is used right.