Need Help: Sif or Neith for 4/80

Hey ,
i am new here , and have a small Problem .
I have a 3/70 Neith ,a unlevelled Sif
Now i am not sure wich one i should give the Darts.
Also have viv , i tought about a nice defense on viv sif neith .
At the one Hand i like the specials from sif at the other i think neith is more compatible.

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Is your Vivica maxed?

Sif >>> Neith
Neith is a very mediocre hero. Sif, on the other hand, looks like a very solid one.


Viv pittywise just unleveled , i just tought it as a future project.
Thx for you toughts.

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+1 vote for Sif!

She is EASILY my favourite of the first release of Valhalla Heroes!

Can slot into a defence team at either Tank or Flank… Much better Tank than Vivica!

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Yes i also think so , viv is just a slow healer and for that i usually use my costumed rigard .just with viv in that 3 Combo
Viv-sif-neith viv will get that extra manaboost from neith.
I will save the Darts for sif … have no real hope to get a guin soon.
Thx !

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Sif Sif Sif Sif Sif Sif and yes this is a complete sentence thank you discourse

Sif is more reliable, so I’d choose her over Neith.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea to max Neith eventually though, if only to have Sif’s mana boost stack with the yellow mana element link for your Holy stacks. That’ll take average speed yellows to fast speed when combined – which is notable and an often forgotten advantage of Neith.

You’re lucky to have both, but that’s just my opinion. So still do Sif first.

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I like Sif too.

I’d do Viv over Neith, personally–especially if you don’t have Delilah.

Nice to have a good healer in every color.

Thx for your Toughts Guys !
Its an great Forum here for newbies.
I saw some Videos with sif wich approve my dicision.
this 50% dmg reduction in Combo of manaboost with healers seems the main strength of her … over that counter attack.

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Guvnor, I have a fully maxed BK and just received Sif yesterday. Which do you prefer of the two as tank vs. flank? I only have two darts right now (just maxed Inari last week but absolutely no regrets) so it will be some time before she is leveled.

Not 100% sure tbh.

I don’t have Sif and beta isn’t a great spot to test out a defensive lineup (as most people go to town on emblems etc :stuck_out_tongue:)

I would try them both in the different spots… The benefit to Sif being tank is that the Counter will affect more heroes in Direct Line Of Fire of tiles… Down-side is obviously that she’s then the target of most of those tiles…

In Honesty, my best suggestion is to try them both at both spots & see which works better!

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I was holding out on maxing Neith while crossing my fingers to pull Sif last week, but my hopes were dashed and Neith is finally getting her darts. That being said, the emblem situation for each hero should factor into your choice as well, if they are destined for you raid or war D team. There are so many rangers who are generally more deserving of emblems than Neith, but if you happen to be really deep in strong rogues and weak in rangers then your Neith might wind up being stronger than Sif.

I was getting ready to max elena… then was like well let’s see what season 3 brings… got sif… she is awesome… but I will say I have found a few irritating things… ranger that have a 25% to bypass = 100% and of course Kage is a pain…but the mana boost is awesome… put her next to bk or qoh…oh it’s fun to watch that combination…

thats strange usually it should be 25%

Ok to elaborate yes it is only 25% but I have found that it bypasses almost every single time…

Im going to buck the system and say Neith…at least if we are talking defense.

Sif is too easily countered by the large pool of fast purple dispellers. Her special is completely passive and has no immediate impact.

Neiths has an immediate impact and one that seems is still underestimated.

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