Opinion on 5* Holy to level up

I have Joon, Malosi, Delilah, and Leonidas currently @ 3^70.
Need a holy project.
Any thoughts?

Is this your 1st holy 5*?

Do you need to pad out defence team or boost your attack team?

Not enough info to give advice on


No, not first holy 5*.
I have Rana, Vivica, Onatel, Poseidon already maxxed.

I 'm thinking more along the attack route for wars.

Then Malosi as a vf hitter to neutralise some DOT

In my honest opinion, I would go with Malosi followed very closely with Joon.
Unless you have the costume for Joon … and then it would be Joon first.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

I would probably go Delilah or Malosi.

Delilah will give you a great healer / support hero. Malosi will give you a very-fast hero who can shut down ONE of an enemy centre trio (choose carefully :wink: )

Which one will probably come down to personal preference & which you feel is more lacking in your attack teams :slight_smile:

I’d probably go Delilah.

Great hero and one can never have too many healers.

If you have Freya it becomes almost no-brainer, Delilah and Freya together are an absolute knockout pair.

Id go Delilah. My fav healer after Ariel.

I’ve been praying the E&P gods to bless me with Delilah with free Atlantis Coins from Atlantis portals when she was featured or Legends Coins at the monthly Tavern portal. I have hoarded darts in case I finally got her, withholding them for my 3/70 Vivica (whom I promise to ascend if she got her costume). But my prayers are still left unheard. Between those those holy legendary healers, I’d ascend first the HOTM than Vivica, even if she got her costume. Average healer is better than a slow one.

But in your case, I’d max Malosi since Delilah can be decently used at 3/70, but you would eventually ascend her soon when you have enough mats.

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