Help Needed : Delilah vs Sif

I’m tempted to do my dupe… Two of her together? Mmmm

It’s just whether I decide to do that or another dark… Gonna be a while for tabards anyway.

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Two Freyas… Wow!! :star_struck:

Pure luck! I haven’t put much into S3.

Maybe because, in my case, I have Delilah, Telluria, Vela and Sartana, so I found Freya does not really fit with my rosters.

  • Delilah+18 heals and cast minions.
  • Telluria+18 partially heals, partially deals damage, slow enemies’ mana and cast minions. Both Delilah and Telluria can produce 15 minions easily.
  • Vela+18, fast mana, deals damage to all enemies that can sweep off minions, and she is Druid class same as Freya.
  • Sartana+18, fast mana, reliable sniper, Dark element same as Freya.

All in all, Freya is benched for me.