Help me decide between not-so-good purple 4*, because I sadly needs one of them

While doing Knights I realised my purple 4* stack is, well, it lives and die by tile damage.
I need help to decide who should I ascend next. And while trap tools aren’t problem, meat and time is, so I want to take best option. And no, I don’t want to not play mono, I like playing this way.

So, my current purple 4* roster is:
Gafar, Cyprian, Ameonna, Sabina, Proteus, Rigard and C. Tiburtus
(yes, Tiburtus is the only one with costume, I have bad luck with this gate sadly :confused: )

Since I am F2P I don’t have many options. Purple 4*s I have on (1-1) right now are:

Jabbar (+10% defence family bonus because of Gafar)

So, nothing great, but I really need damage dealer. Little help? Who should I choose and why?

Out of those 4 only Stonecleave is worth mats IMO, he is pretty good and wqs in my team as support damage dealer quite long.

I was also thinking Stonecleave. I don’t think Jabbar/Gafar’s +10% defense is ground-breaking, plus their sand DoT will override each other. Stonecleave gives something new at least.

Boomer is just meh,

and Ingolf’s buff duration decrease pales in comparison to Sabina’s dispel. Plus Ingolf’s DoT will conflict with Proteus’…


I agree on stoncleave, his damage per turn when his active is up is quite annoying when being on defense, and can be really helpful when attacking and you can´t stack tiles on the last standing foe.

Actually, Ingolf’s Corrosive Poison stacks with regular Poison, so it don’t conflict

EDIT: Actually it does, I was wrong

Or maybe you kind find another route to optimize your current roster…

E.g. 4:1 color stack.

Also… what are your troop levels? Even a 4:1 stack is powerful if you feed and level your four purple troops

I like playing full stack, you know, I’m trying to have actual fun in game :sweat_smile:

Let’s say, they don’t exists. I got 4* troops quite early and focused on them, and I am looking for damage dealer for tournaments/events, but I know I won’t have highest world score there.

Stonecleave is WAY better than his reputation would imply.

Fair nuff

I personally would invest the ham and time into troops VS heros I may not use for long…

Troops you can use for a long time… and it’ll help get u higher loot in tourneys and events since it’ll make your stack stronger

If you have a copy of Tiburtus, you may consider that. I find a lone Stonecleave unimpressive.

@Radar1 @sleepyhead @Peazomanco @mpolo

Do you have experience with this Stone guy?
I am honestly little afraid, even in his ghost form he can by damaged by yellow heroes and he can’t gain mana during ghost form, so after few turns it’s long way to Average once again…

I often use him for a secondary purple team in Alliance Wars. That secondary team (cRigard, Domitia, cTiburtus, Sartana and Stonecleave) usually punches way above its weight. Normally, by the time he fires, you have taken care of the yellow tank, of course. But he then does 4 good hits that can’t reflect etc.

And he is awesome in 4* Tournaments.

I’d rather have a second tiburtus than any of the options you named. I’m f2p. Level 84. My dark four stars aren’t much better. I have duplicates of three epic dark heroes: rigard, Sabina, and tiburtus. I’ve fed away multiple Gabbars.
Other than tiburtus the only dark epic hero I’d want for you is ametrine.

I am F2P too, so I doubt I would get Amertine soon…

unfortunately I don’t have Stonecleave. I will say that I’ve lost a couple of times to a Stonecleave on defense. I was thinking of him as useful for taking out pesky corner mobs when you want to save items…

Like @Ruskin505 above, I am an FTP (level 82) with a fairly shallow Purple bench. I have 2x each Tiburtus, Rigard, Sabina (luckily for me, all with costume), 2x Proteus, 1x Ametrine and 1x Gafar are my other commonly used 4* Purples. and I have poor little Cyprian with costume who never gets used.

(I also wish/hope you get Sergei, he is also one that I really want!)

actually, now that I look at your team again,

Proteus / Rigard / Tiburtus / Sabina / Gafar or Ameonna is already a decent lineup. If you want more offense, maybe Proteus / Tiburtus / Gafar / Ameonna / Rigard OR Sabina (if you do not need to both cleanse and dispel). Maybe try that first before deciding on Stonecleave? Ameonna functions a bit similar to Stonecleave anyway, though (i think, I need to check) mechanics wise and stat wise, Stonecleave is a bit better.

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@sleepyhead differences between Ameoona and Stonecleave is about playstile. She have HUGE attack and her ghost form adds her 82% more. Ameonna life circle around tile damage.

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I do have a bit of experience with Stonecleave, and I like him pretty well in that four-star limited role. I also had the emblems to max him along the attack path, so that helps. His damage-every-turn is noticeable when in ghost form, and having him in ghost form is equal to 20% blind (assuming all five of your heroes are still standing and the attacker is not yellow). It’s not bad at all. Sometimes that one miss because someone targeted a ghost is the difference in winning or losing. He’s not a game-changer, but of the options you mentioned, I like him.

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I have him maxed and fully emblemed, he was important part of my war team for over 6 months, he is very solid.

In my honest opinion, out of those named options, I would say Stonecleave.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Yeah requires a ten pull on ninja tower months ago. But tiburtus is the best damage dealer outside of heroes and mana control.