Help me to decide the order of my next maxed 4*

Hello people. I have kind of a mess with my roster.
i have recently received JF and Richard, plus Vela who i got last month waiting for being maxed. However i still decided to give priority to enchance my 4* army.


Maxed: Proteus, Rigard, Sabina

Waiting: Ameona, Rigard (costumed), Tiberius

What do u think, who is more suitable to receive traps tool. Tibs? which i dont have costume or a second rigard with costume? I dont know the viability of having two rigards.


Maxed: Boldtusk, Gormek

Waiting: Lancelot, Colen, 2nd Gormek, 2nd Boldtusk


Maxed: Grimm and sonya

Waiting: 2nd and 3th Grimm, Triton, Valeria


Maxed: Kashhrek and Little john

Waiting: Melendor asap, Gaderius, Gobbler


Maxed: Li xiu, Hu tao

Waiting: Wu Kong asap only left one orb , 2nd hu tao, 2nd li and chao

So, I have now 11 maxed 4* star. I want to add at least one more in each color.
Do you agree with these choices?

Wu kong, Melendor asap

And the battle would be

2nd rigard vs tibs

Lancelot vs Colen vs 2nd boldtusk

With so few experience, (I am a newer player than you) I would only said: the costume is for all your Ridgards, and is cheaper and quicker to asced (for 4/70 only one trap tool required). Also it is overpowered (I own one mysel, is like a BT Ridgard fusion). I’ll go whit him assap.
About Tib, I got him at 4/70, not any other pulverizer to compare with, but very happy. He also got costume and you may get it at due time. You already have 2 pulverizers, and only 3 healers, but you are weak on purple attakers. I would advice you to do him, but do wait for a veteran’s opinion.

Thanks other! yeah i would have to use rigard and analize the situations to decide if i go normal or costume. Lets level the other to 3/60 by now.
I think that the right choice is tibs. I use him for some levels and some atk wars at 3/60 and i really like him.

Then between Lancelot and Colen i dont know. I think lancelot would be more helpful for titans, he hits harder i believe but is squisy.
Second boldie doesnt like very much

Rigard costume, then 2nd Rigard (both very worthy specially for Trial Quests), I wish I can get Rigard costume, but Tiburtus is also good.

Colen for fariety and rush tournament or 2nd Boldtusk for war.

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Tibs Colen mel triton wu

Gonna need hitters imo always good to level a healer and support and hitters
Quite difficult to do I know but that’s what I normally do

You’re damned right on Mel, Triton and Wu.

Colen and Lancelot are both squishy but potentially really quite effective, especially in attack.
How much do you use/like Lil’John? If you enjoy big AoE at slow, consider Colen… If you don’t enjoy it, go Lance.

Rigards costume is great, but I’d do it on the first copy…
Between Melendor, Rigard or his costume and Boldtusk, you’ve got plenty of healing options to tailor your choices a bit.
I’d do Rigard costume on first copy, then Tibs.


bubbles. I want to thank you for your reply .
I want to tell you too something its happening.
I see my new bright legendaries and i want so hard to level them . For example

I have 8 scopes and 12 warm capes .
Its close to what i need for vela and Richard.

Then a little far i have three rings and 8 Blades .

I have grazul and jean francois

Lastly with 3 tabards and 4 dards
My choices are grimble and Joon

I know i know , its more important to finish with 4* stars but the temptation is here plus the fear that you dont know the time It Will take to gather again those 3 star unfarmeable mata.

Anyways coming back to the main topic .
I cant be 100% accurate with little John because hes my only green hitter so hes so valuable to me only for that reason.
If i have to choose i would put speed before an aoe.
I mean i love colen effect but he being slow pushes me a little back.
On the other hand Lancelot main trowback is his low defense . I think that this is a hard Battle .

Colen who shines in events and slow Tournaments vs lancelot Who may push my tt score a little up


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Mel, Wu, Grazzy, Joon, Cole, John, JF would be my order.

2 epics -> 1 legend -> repeat


I wouldn’t worry about 5* as tempting as there are, as I run 2 tc11 1 tc2 24/7 for feeders and I think I got Poseidon the last 2 Atlantis (not including the last one) he’s at 4/68
I started maxing rigard on the 1st this month his at 4/16.
Using colour on colour feeders.


I would 1000% do the Rigard costume on the one you have maxed already, then Tibs for a purple hitter. Even without the Tibs costume he’ll pair really well with costume Rigard.

Blue I’d go triton, he’ll complement both Rigard/costume Rigard and BT, and get the family bonus if you use him with Proteus.

I ascended Colen a couple months ago and really like him. Lancelot has a higher attack stat but iirc colen ends up doing more damage overall to the other team, and pairs especially well with BT and Gormek. BT and Lancelot have a bit of an overlap as far as special skills go, so there’s a bit less synergy there.

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My fear is the limited quantity of warm capes , h.blades. althoigh its not so hard to renew those mats thats true too

What levels are Richard and Vela now?

I have pulled Richard today . Hes 1/1

Vela is at 2/60 . Waiting for being ascended .
But i have that dilema in my head . The voice of veterans telling me “not rush upon the 5, make a solid 4* backbone first”

Triton will get to 4.70 a lot faster than Richard or vela would get to max, and if you choose him first you’ll have him ready to go as an excellent sniper while you’re working on vela and Richard. You don’t have enough mats to ascend both Richard and Vela, but you have enough capes to bring them both to 3.70, at which point you can better decide who you want to give your scopes to. I can almost guarantee you’ll have enough capes by the time you’ve brought triton to max and the other two to 3.70


They will come 3* make 4* 4 make 5*
With challenge events and mount umber that’s up gives you more options to complete easier. As you get stronger and hope yah alliance mates doing the same face bigger titans better rewards.
I don’t see much difference in loot between platinum n diamond so no rush for that imo.

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I have no problem Bro with quest and map or solo playing. I ve finished even legendary avalon.
The thing is leveling the remaining 4* for war more than events
Wars and titan my main concern right now.
In my ally we are facing titans level 10. So i need more power coming for tose 4*.
Another option that unlocks the fact of having more 4*maxed is finishing trials . (I can only finish fighter one by the moment)

Regarding 3* i have a solid core to compite in Tournaments and do the rare events

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I think you’re on the right track with wanting to level Triton, Melendor, and Wu Kong next. My titan hits prior to Wu were not desirable and that immediately changed (don’t let all the no data complaining about his missing being higher than his card says discourage you, he’s totally worth it). As far as the battles I would level Colen and Tiburtus. Colen is useful, I use him every war. Tiburtus is essential in against yellow titans and also useful in war against yellow tanks. There’s also the trials and I use these two for that as well. Colen also pairs well with Boldtusk in general map stuff or in war. I prefer running 3-2 in war but that’s how I score the best for my alliance. Keep on it, you’re doing well.

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Thank you very much friend !
I feel a little dissapointed about lancelot . I felt Happy when i pulled him last day but now im learning that hes not as useful as i thought at least in my roster .
I believed that people should put average speed over slow from colen.
However i will take your advicing and max colen instead . I will take lancelot to 3/60 anyways . I calculate around 600 atk useful for titan at my lvl against Green

Boldtusk Gormek Colen Lancelot wu Kong

Regards! And not Rigards hehe

Can’t go wrong with extra healers…I spent a couple month period where I focused exclusively on developing my healers…feel they benefited me more so than fighters did

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I have ascended wu Kong and Melendor .
Wu Kong is close now to 4/70
Melendor is starting at 4/1

I have only one Compass left . Should i go with triton right ? Or should i start vela? I feel that if i would have kiril i will ascend him ASAP but TritĂłn is a hitter and i have cover that role with Grimm .

On the other hand there are colen and tibs . So my last compass would be for either vela TritĂłn tibs or colen

Thanks in advance

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