Mono 4* team advise

Hi there, I have started setting up a dark 4* mono team with a Rigard costume + 4 Tiburtuses. Would that be a good team for events?

I also have some blue 4*s if that might be a better option? 3x Triton, 4x Boril, 3x Sonja (+costume), 1x Grimm.

Any suggestions on heroes and placements would be appreciated! Thanks

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Well, purple isn’t the best for a mono 4* team based on the vanilla heroes, or even Atlantis. I don’t memorize S3 and event purple 4’s, so maybe someone else can weigh in there.

If you’re okay using multiples having at least 2 Tiburtus would be good. Maybe something like:

Rigard, Tiburtus, Cyprian, Tiburtus, Sabina

If you don’t want repeats Ameonna has massive tile damage. Even if she dies you get her tile damage boost. If she lives and hits with defense down from Tiburtus, it’ll hurt them. Two healers may help keep her alive. My Ameonna is talented up and a damage beast.

Sabina, Tiburtus, Cyprian, Rigard, Ameonna

Two healers adds survivability and Cyprian allows passive damage, so it can work for sure. Is this for raids, provinces, war?

Good luck, let us know how it goes!


Forgot to add this set up also gives a debuff and a cleanse, which most colors can’t do at the 4* level!

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i have this mono purple

Proteus-Cyprian- Proteus-Cyprian-Rigard

last grimforest, i use mono purple to beat last stage legendary, but i replace another cyprian with sartana.

if you don’t have proteus, i’ll suggest to use 3-2 with rigard-tiburtus (his costume is awesome) - duo triton and sonya


Proteus is an AWESOME hero I forgot about because I wasn’t fortunate enough to get him. DEFINITELY use Proteus if you get him! Good choice @BonlanBonlih :ok_hand:

Also mono is about working the board in your favour

tiburtus double makes no sence cause they overwrite each other

Second tibertus benefit from first tibertus when attacking… it makes perfect sense.

You can perfectly do 3 costumes tibertus + proteus + costume rigard and do very well :wink:


Agreed, it’s not about prolonging the D drop duration with the second Tiburtus, it’s increasing the damage dealt with the second Tiburtus as the D is already dropped. :ok_hand:

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Thanks guys, I do have Sabina and Cyprian, so I play around a bit.

Would a blue team with the heroes I have be a better option maybe?

For Blue its pretty easy. I go Kiril, Grimm, Sonya, Grimm, Triton. Very similar as above

I lie what you are talking about, I agree with you