[help] Emblems on Vela?

Hello guys, sorry if I am posting on wrong topic…

Well, currently I have a plenty of Druid Emblems on Kadilen and LOVE her a lot because I’ve boosted her attack and she now delivers all enemies a good damage for a fast mana BUT now I’ve got Vela almost maxed and I am, of course, moving the emblems to her.

My question is: should I go for attack or defense path on Vela?

Or should I keep emblems on Kadilen? Because I don’t really have a tank hero and using kadilen as a tank and my Ariel and Vela as flanks sounds like a good idea. (Drake Fong and Sartana as wings, maybe?)

Thanks a lot!


Once I get my Vela maxed, I’ll have a similar issue with embleming (except no Kadilen), and I’m leaning attack to boost both tile damage and DoT. But I’m also a fan of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. If your Kadilen is working for you, you might ought to play around with Vela a bit before you pull those emblems. Also…

I don’t know how good Kadilen is as a tank, but that sounds like a pretty sweet setup to me. I’d consider rolling with that for a while and see how it works.


Thank you so much for your words. I’ll consider it :slight_smile: I love Kadilen but Vela seems to be in another level… That’s why I am like “???” lol :smiley:

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Why would you take your emblems off of Kadilen and put them on Vela?

I would have Drake as the tank and flank with Kadilen and Ariel.


I would leave the emblems on kad, and new emblems go on vela attack path. My reasoning is while Vela is a druid which normally means defense path, by going attack her dot increases and she isn’t really a support hero she is an attacker. Plus she really isnt a tank, my Vela is at right wing on the attack path and doing great there.

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i am in a similar boat. I have a ton of emblems on kadilan - defensive path.

I use her on my main attack team. The goal is that she goes off and gives my team the defensive boost I need until my weapons are ready to fire.

How well will she survive with the emblems is my question…

Hi, @Player16YT, I asked the same thing in the Vela thread (though I don’t fault you for maybe not seeing it in that massive thread). I only got one response, which was to go attack. I’m going to paste in @Guy’s full response here because I think it’s well reasoned:

I’d go attack > defense > health to boost her DoT and attack. Being fast, she is likely to fire at least once, so I see no need to prioritize her health or defense.

Turning to your defense as a whole I want to say that while I think Kadilen is a fairly stout defender (better than she’s given credit for, generally), she is NOT a great tank. She works best when her AoE attack has the possibility of being amplified by a defense down hero. Her ideal tank is probably Kunchen.

From the heroes you list I’d say Drake Fong is your best hero tank (by a good margin). Using only the heroes you listed, I think I’d set either

Kadilen Ariel, Drake, Sartana, Vela


Sartana, Ariel, Drake, Kadilen, Vela


I am a player who has quite a few 5 stars but Aegir is my only blue one with emblems. Is Vela worth using them on beside my Zeline or Evelyn (also have emblems), Kutchen, Gravemaker and Drake (all have emblems).

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