Emblemed defense

Hi all! Can you help me come up with the strongest possible defense considering I have enough emblems to take one hero of each class to +7

Purple: Ursena, quintus, Victor
yellow: Neith, Leo, Vivica, justice, Ranvir
Red: Azlar, Anzhog, Helena, Khagan, Jean Francois, Zimkitty
Green: Horghall (costume), Kadilen, Margaret, Evelyn
Blue: Frida, Richard, Vela, Isarnia, Thorne


I’m not looking at classes, hopefully, this combo is all different classes.

Ursena tank 100%
Neith flanking
Zimkitha on a wing
Vela wing or flank
Evelyn or Kadilen for the last spot… I’m kind of leaning towards Kadi because you would have a lot of very powerful AOE.

PS, nice heroes!


I agree with Corpse in all except yellow, my first choice is Vivica always healer before all other.

Green definitely Evelyn.

All other same as Corpse told. Ursena as a tank, Vivica on flank. Other flank Zim.

Wings Vela, Evelyn.

This is only my opinion.

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Thanks for the replies! I’m leaning towards vivica over neith cause of Evelyn (also a ranger). I like Kad but don’t really see her as an option cause to many good Druids).

What about Zim and Vela sharing the same class? Who gets the emblems if both go on the defense team? Wouldn’t my team benefit more from a fully emblemed different hero like Frida?

I did fantazise a little about a core of -vela-ursena-JF- to apply a lot of pressure on attacking healers/cleansers but not sure how to fit Zim into that team

Too many options is a good problem to have but a headache too lol

I’m going a bit left field

Zim - Ursena - Justice - Victor - Vela


Eve Zimi Ursl Viv Vela


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