Do i remove emblems to give to Kadilen?

I’ve just maxed Kadi and have about 180 druid emblems to give her. The question is do i take emblems off Brienne +20 (i love her for 3* tournaments), Melandor +11 and Cadmaon +9 ?

I suppose I’m asking if the benefits of taking her up to +11 or whatever it is would make a huge difference and is that difference worth the detriment of the others?

Any advice would be appreciated…thanks guys :blush:

Ooooh i forgot Ive got Ranvir at lv 72…should he get the emblems?

Do you want to use Kadilen for war D?

I won’t pretend to be an expert but I love the new buffed Kaidlen. Wait for the real experts to weigh in but I’d vote to give her the emblems.


Probably not… I only use him on titans, mostly 10* and sometimes 11*… he is a bit squishy but not sure if it would be really worth the emblems. He would need a lot to survive one hit more and I use banners, potions and a healer anyway.

About Kadi… I don’t have her. But I would say it depends also on your roster depth. If you are still using Mel and Caedmon a lot, I would leave the emblems on them for now. If Kadi is going to replace one of them on your (green) attack team, then maybe yes…


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Yeah i was thinking of having her as flank…possibly tank if her defence is strong enough once emblemed. Although i I don’t struggle much against her in platinum/diamond…which is a worry

If she’s going to be on your defense (and long term) I’d say yes. But you’ve invested a lot of resources so far… and that’s be three reset tokens. :woman_shrugging:

So if you got say Lianna… would you switch kad out? If so… you may wanna wait a bit.

Just my thoughts.

Thanks @Math4lyfe yeah they were my thoughts but i dont have a Lianna so maybe should just play with the cards dealt…although not a druid i do have a pretty decent green sniper in Kingston +15 :blush:

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So what’s your defense now?? I’d keep Kingston over kad I think.

Things that might make you say yes:

  • Kadilen costume
  • You don’t care too much about raid tourneys
  • You don’t need a variety of heroes for war (ie Gandalf, Caedmon) or you already have enough

I’m inclined to say not worth it simply because you probably need the others for war and one hero does not maketh a team


Im guessing its a no brainer to swop Brynhild (although i really like her) with Kadi. Kingston is ready to go to +15 just need the food (as usual🤣)

What other options do you have? This isn’t the ideal defense setup.

If you post a picture of your entire roster (of 4* & 5*) you get much better advice.

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I wouldn’t worry about removing the emblems. If you’re not a crazy summons-er (is that even a word), then she’s definitely worth the max. She’ll be a huge asset to your war teams. But Kingston is better on defense. (Imo :blush:)

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Any advice appreciated…i need 2 sets of rings to ascend Marj…shes my next project

Possibly Anzogh as tank??

Does your alliance run unified tanks for war?

My thoughts…

Grimm marj viv sartana kingston

But setting up defenses is not my forte.

Emblemed Marjana doesn’t make and awful tank… nor does kingston.

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Thanks for the advice @Math4lyfe…haha this game keeps on throwing up dilemmas…decisions, decisions hey? I’m sure everone has these problems…grrrr im so indecisive​:joy::joy::joy:

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Do you need a specific tank colour for war? Makes a huge difference to setups.

Nope weve discussed it as an alliance but at this moment in time we dont have a specific colour code. I get that anyone attacking me could do a heavy red team say 3:2 and wipe out Bryn immediately. This lineup has been great for raid attacks (over 2700 cups) but not so good for defence…im quite easily revenged…i have considred Anzogh and BT as a defensive tank but plan on Marj when shes maxed…

Thanks for your help

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Bryn is great on offense, she is ok on defense but if you’ve got maxed 5* they should likely be the priority long-term.
There is not one correct answer for defense, it’s about working with what you’ve got and remember offense is more important than defense.

Some notes on your heros.

Vivica - she is an decent tank (costume is better), an ok flank and a terrible wing. As tank with emblems like you have she is decent, problem is purple is stacked with options for attack atm.
She is still probably your best tank for now.

Thorne - is an ok hitter, but meh though due to now secondary, don’t take him past +7 for now, unless nothing better comes along. Interesting to see what his costume offers if released.

Sartana & Kingston are great, lock those two in… although Sartana counts Anzogh out due to being the same class.

Neith & Joon - Neith is underratted utility / flank on defense, however Joon is alround solid, so probably him next. Ranvir isn’t much good on defense due to low health, titan specialist.

Marj / Azlar / Elena - Marj is the only real red sniper and worth maxing next, also you don’t have another 5* rogue that I can see.

Long term i’d look to something like:

Sartana - Joon / Neith - Kingston - Thorne (until he can be upgraded) - Marjana
Sartana - Throne - Vivica - Kingston - Marjana

I personally would be tempted to double green with Kad & Kingston over Thorne, but alot of people advocate rainbow… if you are doing this, have one at flank, the other opposite wing, or both wings.

I’d take Kadilen to +7, if that means stripping Brienne, so be it. Try and keep the other two 4 with emblems as I assume you use them quite alot.