Team development (emblems)

Maxing Vela brings me into a delicate point. I have to decide about relocating my druid emblems. Current state is c.Caedmon +18, c.Melendor+20, Kadilen+8. Full reset would bring me roughly enough emblems to get Vela to +18 and spare change, but it would leave my green setup almost worthless… Green is already my weakest color, with only Elkanen and Kadilen to show for it, so the emblems and costumes on Melendor and Caedmon are vital in this chapter…

Having Vela emblemed would allow me to retire Thorne+18 from my defense line and share his paladin emblems with Frida, taking them both somewhere around +10.

Current defense is

Joon+13 Elkanen+11 Azlar+18 Thorne+18 Sartana+11

Any thoughts?

Better idea: retire Thorne from your sight until he gets a costume or something, and give Frida the whole nine yards. You can still use him unemblemed in a blue stack for what it’s worth, but the Frida/Vela 1-2 punch is straight nasty.

Regarding the rest, yep, I’d go for a full strip. All of those heroes are decent without emblems.

You don’t have good green tank so I don’t think you need Vela+18 right now

I would probably take off emblems from Thorn and give them all to Frida, she is better def hero and she is better at all

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if you share your full roster, I’ll be happy to give you my opinion on what i would emblem :slight_smile:

Here’s my roster at this point, all available 4 and 5* included.

Lots of useless 5* doubles, so I’m rushing towards HA10…

Strip Quin tank Mits.

Future def:

Sarta Elk Mits Vela Joon


Interesting option, but with Quintus being my only purple AoE, it would weaken my dark mono team by a lot… not sure I want that… so far, Azlar serves as a decent 2500 tank, think Mits would do much better? I could always get some emblems from Gill-ra, whose only purpose is fast tourney tank.

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those would be my priority to emblem @Ian487

my strat is:

  • as much as possible for war def heroes
  • after titan heroes till 9-11
  • after 3* for tourney until 9 (fighters until 7) - best to have an even hero power overall; by default s3 are stronger than s2/events and s2/events than s1
  • after 4* for tourney until 9-11 - same as at 3*

as a raid def i would go with:

joon - magni - mits - kadilen(dont like her, but she’s your best def green) - sartana

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