Vela emblems - attack or defense

I’m switching emblems from Zimkithia to Vela and I’m curious as to the general consensus on a player like Vela—is it better to buff her defensively or to concentrate on her attack stats? How does the latter, for those who have already emblemed her, affect her DoT?

Thanks for your feedback!

DOT is attack based. Go the attack path. Her DOT will increase :slight_smile:


Well I’ll state the obvious:

Go Def/Health, and she’ll be around longer to cast her special.

Go Attack and her DOT will increase, which can become substantial with a good mana troop.

I use her on my main raid attack team, so I went Attack, but going the other wouldn’t be wrong. It’d just be different.

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Anyone mind posting pictures of her emblemed with the attack path or along the defensive route? What’s her DoT look like when her attack is maxed with a solid mana troop?

This is mine at +19: only Sword Path :wink:


Thanks for posting this. I just leveled Vela up, and want to make an informed decision re emblems.

I am of the mind to “go the attack path;” but don’t both paths at the first “fork” have Sword icons in them? In this case, should I go Heart or Shield? @Yayo, you went Sword Path, but in two junctions you favored shield over heart. What’s your reasoning?

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Defence is better than HP because of the way damages are calculated that’s why you should always prioritise defence over Hp;)

Personally (mine is now +17) I went:
Attack > HP > Defence

Reason being:
Attack -> Increases the DoT & damage output of her
HP -> In this modern era of Damage Over Time, having more HP is more beneficial than having more defence (as DoT ignores defence stat entirely). It also gives bulkier thorn minions from her druid talent

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This is her at +19 with the relative talent grid, @RicElDrac :wink:
I usually prefer picking one Def node instead of HP, 'cause I’ve found in most cases more rewarding doing that way for all my talented heroes; Def at 840 gives more sturdiness to my Vela, despite her HP.
Remember then her Druid talent too: it gives the possibility to generate minions that help her survivability! :wink:


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