Vela vs Alberich for Druid emblems

Hi everyone,

In another thread I raised the question if I should relocate my emblems from Melendor and/or Gadeirus to Alberich, who I can finally train to 4-80 soon. After reading your opinions, I decided to transfer emblems from Gadeirus to Alberich, but leave Melendor at +20.

Just when I had my mind set on how to proceed with my Druids, I pulled Vela though. After looking at her skill and reading the first impressions about her here in the forum, I thought that she is not very useful and will remain mostly unused in my roster anyways.

But now I’m not so sure anymore. Even though she failed to impress anyone initially, I noticed that the opinion towards her changed for many players that are actively using her.

And another thing changed: In January I pulled Melendor’s costume. Even though I always liked using him, his costume form is even better. Really good actually. So good, that I’m not sure how much I will really use Alberich as a green healer.

Since I’m using Morgan Le Fay as a tank (I know… but I never had luck with pulling a better one), Vela would be a good option on her flank in the defense team. And I could still use Alberich on the wing, even without emblems.

So even though I was sure about Alberich getting the emblems at first, with every week that passes I’m leaning more and more towards Vela. What would you do?

Frankly I’m not a fan of doubling up on the tank color for defense teams, so i’d be hesitant to put Alberich with a green tank myself.

Vela does punish red stacks well, but you’re still leaving your team open to red stacks regardless (maybe my perspective is clouded though since I have Mitsuko).

An emblemless Alberich is an easy prey to an emblemed Gravemaker.
If you take into account that Grazul could neutralize your tank’s health drain by preventing the status aliment from being applied while also potentially countering Vela’s special you would find that your countermeasures could be not enough.

If you need help on how to set a defense you could post some screenshots :slight_smile:

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Simply spread your emblems all over the place. That’s at least what I do.

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LOL. With all due respect, that would be counterproductive. As stated by many forum users, you must use your emblems to the best hero of his/her class you often use. Otherwise, placing emblems to least used heroes would defeat the purpose of spending food, iron and emblems to those heroes.

@Sparrow Alberich, to be more effective, must be sturdy and beefy enough to survive most attacks for him to be able to do what he is supposed to do: REVIVE fallen heroes on a 33% chance, heal over time all living allies and dole out moderate amount of mana to all ally heroes for 4 turns even without matching green tiles. In order for him to do this, placing emblems and selecting defense and health nodes along the way is crucial for his survivability. The more defense and health he has, the better are the odds for him to cast his skills, not to mentioned that his talent allows him to summon Thorn Minions on him, making him a lot sturdier and beefier. The higher the talent, the higher the chance of activating his Companion talent.


Thanks for your opinions!

Leaving defense teams aside: What do you think about Alberich and Vela for other content (offense teams in PvP, Titans, Hard mode stages)?

Alberichs reviving is too unreliable for PvE content, I think. Is he useful against Titans? My green Titan team is my weakest, since I have none of the good green Titan hunters (the fate of a C2P player…). I doubt though that Alberich would really improve things compared to using Mel as a healer. Maybe the mana boost helps?

Could Vela improve my current blue Titan team?
Kiril 4-70
Grimm +20
Magni +7
Isarnia +9
Miki +8
(all emblems set to maximize Atk)
Our Alliance usually fights 7-8* Titans.

I usually bring Alberich in almost all scenarios in EnP not for his revive alone, but for his HoT and mana provision, except during raid tourneys when 5 star heroes or green are prohibited, or the special event reflects green, or when I try to improve my overall score on special events. For filling in chest in raiding, I usually go 4-1 (1, being Albe, serving as a safety net when everything goes south fast), or go monogreen when the enemy has blue tank.

Against titans, due to the lack of good green, I also bring Alberich for health and mana (and decent attack stat), along with maxed Evelyn (for elemental defense down), maxed Buddy (for defense and attack down), maxed Lianna (for tile damage) and Hansel (for mana control) or costumed Melendor (for defense up). I had finished Season 2 Hard Mode with Albe supporting the rest of my raiding party.

As to the question of improving your red titan team, Vela cannot be of significant factor, not with your current blue team against red titans. Isarnia (insane attack stat plus defense down against all enemies), Magni (high attack stat and defense up on himself and nearby), Miki (the most sought after titan specialist, second to none), Kiril (healing and attack and defense buffs for allies) and maxed emblemed Grimm. Even if Grimm is redundant and inferior to Isarnia’s enemy defense down, his +20 emblem nodes far surpasses Vela’s attack stat. Please be reminded that what matters against titan scores are how often you stun them as you target its weak spot with strong tiles, and how the titan is weakened due to defense down and elemental defense down during the times it is hit in its weak spot, attack up on all heroes is just an added bonus. Vela doesn’t offer something significant with this roster against red titans as her DOT is insignificant in calculating total titan damage scores.


Except the massive attack down on the red Titan, and the critical buff acts like hidden attack buff. Vela, I think, adds more than Grimm when you already have Isarnia on your Titan team

Revive is huge. Alby is a good healer but the revive is more important which Melendor lacks costume or no in addition to the mana bonus. Got emblems on mine and the only hero I would consider taking emblems away from Alby for would be Gazelle (which is to say no way that Vela gets those emblems), and I honestly don’t know when or if I would ever do that even. And if you ever use a tank that’s not green then all the better.

Yeah. Silly me. I forgot to consider Vela’s additional damage against reds as well as her skill reducing red’s attack damage. But Grimm is already +20, that would be approximately 827 in attack if he goes all attack route. 827 attack stat is huge against titans.

I was actually thinking about replacing Magni by Vela.
Grimm’s skill overlaps with Isarnia’s to some extent, but not fully since they are on different Mana speeds. And he still brings a high Atk stat.
Magni’s skill overlaps with Kiril’s to some extend. And Vela’s attack down also acts as a defense boost. Our Alliance is only fighting 7 and 8* Titans, so Def isn’t that important anyways. So it comes down to Magni’s direct damage from his skill plus his higher Atk stat vs. Vela’s crit buff. I don’t know which one will end up boosting the overall damage more.

About Alby: It is good to know that some of you successfully use him as a healer. My biggest concern about him is the slow mana speed. Isn’t it usually too late for him to use his skill? By the time a slow hero finally charged his mana bar, many of the other heroes are already low on health and the enemies are about to fire their skills. Since Alby doesn’t add any protection and heals over time, I would think that the other heroes get quickly killed anyways.
Costume Melendor’s massive Def buff proved to be a real game changer. It significantly reduces the damage everyone receives, working well with his HoT. It almost feels like god mode for a few rounds after he fired :slight_smile: And thanks to his normal mana speed he does so earlier and more often than slow healers.
Maybe I’m underestimating the impact of Alby’s revival and mana boost, though. The reviving seems so unreliable and the mana boost so small…

All my green teams, 2 of them, have Evelyns, one maxed and emblemed while the other is at 3/70. Albe - Eve - Buddy - Lianna - (Hansel/3/70 Lianna/3/70 Greg/3/70 Elkanen). Albe and Eve are already healing this party without overwriting each other’s healing abilities. The second team is almost the same (I have dupe Buddy and Hansel maxed) but lone Albe is replaced by costumed Melendor for healing and defense buff.

Ive always used Melendor over Alberich, way better healer, no comparison in any strategic way you want to look at it.

Does Melendor heals formerly dead heroes ? Because that’s what Alberich does.