Help and Advice for my Roster Progress

Now I have 4 sturdy shield, should I ascend Caedmon or Melendor?
Melendor currently at 2.20.
I want to use for titan, war and also raid/rare quest, memento quest.
Need advise.

This is my current roster:

Thank You

Because you don’t have another 4* healer, I’d go Melendor. They’re both valuable heroes, IMO (I like Melendor more than some other players).

I used him often until pretty late in the game (Rigard and Boldtusk were two of the last 4*s I got). He’s still on my blue titan team, because he’s got great tile damage.

He does the same dispel work as Caedmon, so you aren’t losing anything there, and you’ve got lots of solid hitters already.


Thanks,… Sturdy Shield is so rare, thats why, OK then, I will wait and leveling Melendor and ascend him 1st then. Caedmon currently at 8/8 skill, so it’s good to wait longer I think.

And how about *4 red, I have 5 blades, should I ascend Wilbur or Falcon 1st?
I already plan Wilbur sit at 3.60 if he has 8/8, and ascend for Falcon.
But Wilbur currently at 5/8 skill on tier 3.22 (Already using *1 on-color 10x at times from the begining) .

I agree with @Gallowspider - Melendor because you have no other four star hero. I prefer Caedmon in general and think they’re both worth doing, but the lack of any Boldtusk / Kiril / Rigard / Sabina suggests you do Melendor first. You’ll get a lot of use out of both though, so I’d say if you were way psyched on Caedmon and wanted to rely on Belith for that healing role longer, that’s a viable option.

As for your question about red, I’d lean towards Wilbur. He’ll help increase your team’s survivability at a time when that’s probably still a major issue. The spirit link kind of serves as a force multiplier for any healer (because damage is lessened and spread, rather than concentrated). Falcon is also great, but you don’t really have a strong hit 3+ red hero option to follow up with. He’ll be great down the line, but I don’t think he’s your priority right now.


Me too on Wilbur. The Wilbur/Falcon/Scarlett combo will terrorize green titans for you some day soon :slight_smile:.


Thanks @Gallowspider and @IvyTheTerrible, nice advise.
One more think please… how about the defense setup for raid and war.

Currently I use in raid:
Scarlett - Caedmon - Gunnar - Tiburtus - Bane
And war:
Caedmon - Bane - Tiburtus - Belith - Scarlett

Which should I go for ideal defense from my rosters, if all heroes are maxed. Thanks.

Fantasy scenario, but war defense from this lot… maybe:

Grimm - Melendor - Gormek - Proteus - Jackal.

Would be nice to slide someone who buffs into the spot I’ve got Grimm in, but on defense you don’t really want to put Wu in a corner.

Wilbur can work really well as a tank if your opponent doesn’t have the right heroes to counter him, but if they do he can actually go from hero to liability. You could also switch Gormek for Boril and Grimm for Scarlett. Shrugs You’ve got a ways to go before this is really going to matter though, and you might get more effective options before any of these guys are done leveling.

If this is my roster, the following heroes are my leveling priorities though (by color): Wilbur - Grimm - Melendor - Wu - Proteus.

Proteus is indispensable. He’s the best 4* in the game, IMO.

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@Gallowspider, thank you for the suggestion.
I was plan my tank is Li Xiu and flank are Boril and Cyprian, because I always having trouble raiding opponent with those riposte and mana cut. But I also interest using Danzaburo as tank, because of great stats and funny trickster.
A question is why Jackal and Grimm as defense?

I think you’d be absolutely fine doing what you are saying here, too.

I kinda forced Grimm in there just to put a blue on your defense, but he’s a good hitter and you were already working on him. Being in the corner (or wing–whatever you choose to call it) protects him with his low defense. I put Jackal on the opposite side for similar reasons, plus with Jackal being very fast he’s likely to fire before the battle is over.

During most raid defenses, the heroes on either end aren’t going to fire until the battle is already determined, unless they are quick, or your opponent gets a bad board and the battle drags on. Either way, I really want someone out there who can punish people if that happens, rather than a healer (who may not have anyone left to heal), or a debuffer of some kind who doesn’t put out a lot of damage. I put Grimm on the left side, because of the order in which your heroes will fire their specials in. With any luck, he’ll drop 2-3 enemies defense before your other specials fire, or your heroes take their attacks for the round, increasing their overall damage output.

It’s not ideal, but that’s the reasoning why I set it up that way. Others may have better thoughts!


Also, speaking of Caedmon, since we talked about him earlier in the thread–a character like Caedmon (or Sonya) would be the perfect counter to the Li Xiu defense you proposed. Where he’s using Li Xiu (who doesn’t use a lot of damage) to build up his mana to dispel Boril and Cyprian (Who also don’t do a lot of damage until someone runs into the teeth of their riposte). No defense is perfect, so this isn’t a criticism, just kinda thinking out loud on whether or not you want to center your defense around two characters with the same weakness.

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@Gallowspider, nice argument. I agree and will try your suggestion.
So, after Wu at 3.60 (while waiting mats), start leveling Jackal to 3.60, then:
Scarlett - Melendor - Boril - Proteus - Jackal

After that:
Grimm - Melendor - Gormek - Proteus - Jackal

Thank you so much for your suggestion.

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+1 Melendor, given you have no healers besides three stars


Nice depth with green 4*! Melendor first.

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I had the same questions a week ago. I, though, have the chance of having Sabina and Rigard, so i went with Caedmon.

In your case, Melendor will serve you more on tthe short term i think


Now, I have Boldtusk… should I finish and Ascend Wilbur or Boldtusk? because my *4 healer only green Melendor. Need advise, thanks.
Here is updated rosters so far:

And I have 8 hidden blades.

Definitely go with Boldtusk first. You’ll need a few healers for AW, and BT is one of the best there is as he can also be used as your tank (preferably with emblems).

Wilbur works fine at 3/60. A little squishy, but once his special goes off, he’ll be fine. You should follow up with Falcon after.

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Need more advice on green, 2nd Caedmon or Little John or Jack O’Hare?
My priority in order: War, Quests, Map Season 2, Titan, Raid.

This is my updated roster so far.

Edit: bump, please anyone suggestion, thanks.

I don’t have him, but if i were in your shoes, îd go with Jack. I think having different heroes leveled, at your stage, is more valuable than maxing similar heroes.
This advice would be different if you’d have a deeper bench though
Jack and John have similar attack stats, but John is slow and Jack is fast.
My John is on the bench and is always push back because of the slow special… Mnesseus will be leveled before him, as of now…
John’s special could be useful during the next challenge event were purple is reflected, so Proteus become a non-factor


You MUST ascend both, BT and Wilbur! Apart from each other they are solid and useful heroes. Together they are ROCKSTARS!


@Ian487, thanks for the suggestion, but wait… which order do you prefer? BT-Wilbur-Falcon? and why?
I plan BT-Falcon-Wilbur,… as suggested by @JMarcus Wilbur 3.60 is fine.

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