Advice on defense and priorities for ascending?

I had some “luck” with drawing red heroes, but I don’t know how to prioritize them…

My main team consists of green, blue and purple at the moment, no red :slight_smile:
Kiril, Kashhrek, Cyprian, Caedmon, Agwe for the normal things, my team for harder levels has the Queen and Melendor instead of Agwe and Caedmon (Kiril, Kashhrek, Queen, Cyprian, Melendor - slow, but working). I had some problems getting yellows at all :slight_smile:
And I have a rainbow team for quick farming: Agwe, Caedmon, Queen, Cyprian, Chao - Chao is not fully leveled, so he dies too quickly in harder stages.

My main focus is on quests and war, for the titans I need my new Wu Kong higher, I know :slight_smile:
Wilbur is a problem for Cyprian, so I think I’ll pause him at 3/60.

I don’t really like Scarlett or Kelile (in raid I kill them very quickly), but Anzogh is another 5* hero in red and I love my Queen and she’s hungry enough (and good with Cyprian next to her), but I guess, I need some hitter, too - any advice? Thank you very much in advance.

I have:


  • Queen of hearts (my first red above 3*): 3/7
  • Anzogh: 1/1
  • Wilbur: 3/27
  • Scarlett: 1/1
  • Guardian Falcon:1/1
  • Kelile: 1/1


  • Kiril: 4/50 + 3/40
  • Agwe: 4/31


  • Kashhrek: 4/27
  • Caedmon: 4/26
  • Melendor: 3/60


  • Cyprian: 4/56


  • Chao: 3/24
  • Wu Kong: 1/1

Regarding mats - the only one I could level is a yellow from 3 to 4 at the moment, maybe a purple one, too, but I don’t have another :slight_smile:

Wilbur > Falcon > QoH

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Thank you for your suggestion. Maxing Wilbur is a good idea, the Queen is usable and does not need to go further at the moment.

I have not really considered Falcon, he hits 3 enemies at a time, like the Queen (and Scarlett, but with more damage?). Maybe that’s a good option, I’ll think about it (and have some time for it while maxing Wilbur and getting the mats)

Red - Wilbur
Yellow - Wu

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Falcon is elemental debuff and stack with other debuff defense… so Wilbur and Falcon (added, not override).
So for Green Titan or Green Tank Raid, those pair is synergy.


BT + Wilbur + Falcon + Azlar … then + Colen perhaps?

Ok, this is my dilemma

Fire hero’s
Anzogh 1/1
Marj 1/1
Wilbur 4/70
Bt 4/70
Falcon 4/70
Colen 4/70
Gormek 4/70
Scarlet 3/60
Kellie 3/60
Bt #2 3/1
Feel its time to use my first set of rings and max a 5* but anzogh or marj?
My current def team is
misandra+3 rigs+16 onatel+3 grimm +11 Wilbur +7
I’m pretty happy with my titan red team so the main reason would be raid/war def

falcon is the only elemental debuff for red , he is good for Event purpose , but if you think Titan is not mandatory then skip him

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Hi again, it looks a little bit better now, thank you all for your advice :slight_smile:
My best titan team is now red against the greens, love it :slight_smile: Falcon and Wilbur are great together. And Wilbur with Wu Kong make my raids much more fun.

I’ll be running out of blues soon and hope for Atlantis :slight_smile: For the rest, I want to bring a bunch of 4* to 3/60 (so I can use them in war), then I’ll work on the 5* to 2/60 - then I can think about mats (Quintus??? Nope, he’ll be the last one to get some - maybe when I have about 100 trap tools…) and go further. I’m still thinking about my 2 Keliles, they’re also not my favs - I think I’ll bring one to 3/60 and then I’ll see what the future might bring on fire heroes…maybe I feed the other one to Anzogh :smiley:

I started with Sartana, because I got her after Cyprian. Stopped at 2/60, because I got Tiburtus and could bring him easier on a higher level. After that, I got Quintus and was not amused :wink:

Regarding blue, I tried the elemental summon a few times, but got only 3*, so I have to work with what I got (Ulmer and a second Valen, then Kiril 2 to max, WHEN Atlantis was not successfull).


  • Queen of hearts (my first red above 3*): 3/7
  • Anzogh: 1/1
  • Wilbur: 4/1 (will max him after I have some others on 3/60), 1/1
  • Scarlett: 3/28
  • Guardian Falcon: 3/60
  • Kelile: 1/1, 1/1


  • Kiril: 4/70, 3/60
  • Agwe: 4/70


  • Kashhrek: 4/60
  • Caedmon: 4/26, 1/1
  • Melendor: 4/22, 2/27
  • Jack O’Hare: 3/60
  • Margaret: 1/1


  • Cyprian: 4/70
  • Sartana: 2/60
  • Tiburtus: 3/14
  • Quintus: 1/1


  • Chao: 3/60, 1/1
  • Wu Kong: 3/60
  • Hu Tao: 3/26

I got a Rigard from an EHT and Atlantis brought me Little John, a second Agwe, a third Kelile (fed her), a second Hu Tao and Vivica (and some sweet 3*, including Muggy). I think I should level the rest of the non dupe 4* (except Agwe, no other blue around) and then take a step back to see who’s worth maxing. I’d love to spend some money on more Atlantis pulls, but I hope I’ll be reasonable enough not to do it, because my roster is full of heroes that need to get maxed and I haven’t really started on 5* yet :smiley:

Thanks in general to all users who set the focus on starting on 4* instead of 5* (it’s so tempting), thanks to all who give good advice for good heroes and good team synergies in several topics - it’s a great place for learning and getting better here!

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Some months later…I’m still working on my 4*, but that will end soon. Finally got BT and Proteus, they’re almost maxed :slight_smile:

At the moment I have 18 maxed 3* for tournament and events, 19 maxed 4* and 10 4* sitting on 3/60 (3 of them won’t make it to the last ascension for sure, that are second Agwe, second Chao and second Hu Tao), some other great 4* are still waiting, but lately I was very happy with my performance on war, Atlantis etc., my titan hits are great, too, especially on red and green titans.

My 5* options are:


  • Queen of Hearts, 3/70
  • Anzogh, 1/1
  • 2x Ares, 1/1
  • Azlar, 1/1,
  • Khagan, 1/1


  • Vivica, 1/40
  • Ranvir, 1/1
  • Drake Fong, 1/1
  • Joon, 1/1
  • Leonidas, 1/1, just pulled him from TC20


  • Lianna, 3/50
  • Margaret, 1/1
  • Horghall, 1/1 (mehhh)


  • Sartana 3/7
  • Ursena, 1/1
  • Quintus, 1/1

No blue 5* yet.

My blue 4* for forming a rainbow team could be:

  • Kiril +9
  • Grimm +10
  • Sonya
  • Triton (almost maxed)
  • Agwe +1

A Boril is sitting on the bench, could be levelled, too (and will be after Triton, if no 5* comes along).

My current defense is:
Kiril (+9), Kashhrek (+1), Cyprian (+11), QoH (3/70), Li Xiu (+1)

My main goal would be to form a strong 5* defense for war (and for cups, of course, but that’s secondary).

My first idea was putting Ursena as tank. Lianna, Queen of Hearts and Vivica, maybe…for I’m no fan of Horghall. Joon in defense might not be the best option, I would use Drake Fong.

Maybe someone could give me a good advice? And what shall I do with 2 Ares?
Do I need a healer on defense and if not, who could replace Kiril? Aegir would be great, but I don’t have him :smiley:


I think, I will start with

[Kiril], Lianna, Queen, Drake Fong, Sartana

and replace the Queen when Ares is ready.

Some thoughts:

  • finishing before levelling new heroes…
  • Sartana is on 3/7, so she’s maxed quicker than Ursena
  • Queen is on 3/70, so she’s maxed quicker than Ares
  • Vivica could be a 5* healer, but she’s yellow and I want to use Drake Fong…
  • Horghall could be a could tank, but Ares is better and Lianna is better than Horghall

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