Help needed

I just got the last shield to ascend a green first time (my second 4* ascension). I had Melendor, LJ, and Skittleskull.

My main 4* are Kiril, Wu Kong, Cyprian (ascended a week ago as my first one), Boldtusk/Colen, and Melendor. Others I am leveling Wilbur, Tiburtus, LJ, Gormek, and Chao.

Since it’s grimforest week, I did my first 10x pull hoping for Hansel but I got two Red Hoods and one Rigard along with Kashirek and another Tiburtus.

Now I’m confused about what line up I should build.

I somehow regret ascending Cyprian as I got Rigard now and am not sure if I need to wait for a better green like Caedmon or try to get Hansel with limited gems.

I’m minor c2p and played just a month and a half at level 27 but planning to stop spending.

Thanks ahead for your feedback.

I don’t feel like helping you as you wanted Hansel and for two Red Hoods. Poor you. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Seriously, it may not feel like it, but don’t feel bad about leveling a 4*. You’ll get enough material if you keep playing. It’s the 4* AM that is rare which is needed for a 5*.

Here’s a little I’d share for what it’s worth.

  • I never got Melander until real late. Just a few weeks ago I leveled him up. He’s popular but I don’t have much experience with him. Too soft for where I play but I believe he has good tile damage. Emblems help him.

  • I always wanted LJ. Got him. Ascended him. Don’t like him. When he goes off, he hits hard. But he’s slow and his defense is low. He’s real good though for raid tournaments.

  • Kashhrek is a beast of a tank. He gave me fits and can sometimes still. If you need a tank, he’s solid. May be less useful later, but as you’re aiming to get into diamond raid arena, he’s good.

  • I don’t hear much positive on skittleskull.

Green is an odd color. I’d say decide between melander or Kashhrek. Melander is probably more useful but if you need a tank, Kashhrek is very solid.


Melendor will be useful later as well, it won’t be a mistake to ascend him. For sure not little John, he is not the main green one. Maybe kasrek, but I would choose melendor. And for other colours tiburtus, Wilbur, kiril, bold tusk, wu Kong, righard all are great heroes


I think ascending a healer as the first 4* of a color is almost always a good idea. Melendor would be my pick for 3 reasons :

  • You have BT/Kiril at 3/60, but Mel is your first real healer ready to go. Rigard is still a baby.
  • He is your only dispeller. You need a dispeller!
  • His tile dmg is pretty amazing and although he doesn’t have a high defense, you can pair him with Kiril to bypass this weakness.

LJ could be an option too if you want a little more punch but with Wu, it shouldn’t be a problem. Kash is a good tank yes, but you already ascended Cyprian and she can tank as well. I would not spend more mats on a unidimensional character right now. You have other options.

As for the other colors, Wilbur is a beast! Get Tib to 3/60 and then level Rigard. If you cannot ascend Wu, work on your 3*, as it is a little early in your game to work on Inari, imo. same for blue, work on some 3*


Hello?!? Cyprian is a he! And more of an offensive hero than a defensive hero once you learn how to use him.


I second Melendor for the tile damage and the dispell. Highly useful to have a dispeller when facing Boril or Cyprian (and others like Aegir or Elena). The other good dispeller is Sonya. Keep him in the corner where he will be hit less as he is somewhat squishy.

Kashhrek is a good tank for mid-level game but will have limited use when other better tanks get levelled up. Mine never made it past 3/60.

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A He?!? :cold_sweat::thinking: Thought she was Sabina’s sister… erm brother. :man_shrugging:

And i agree that Cyp is better on offense. But for gold and low platinum raid, Cyp can do the tank job well enough.
And OP is talking about his 2nd hero to ascend to 4th tier so i don’t think ascending both Cyp and Kash will help him short term.
If Cyp wasn’t ascended, Kash vs Mel would have been a 50/50.
Kash was my first ascended so i know he has is uses. He just recently got benched.


Melendor is great. Ascend him and don’t look back.

+1 for Melendor, LJ to 3.60.

If you get other mats later on:
Red: BT/Wilbur
Blue: Kiril
Yellow: Wu Kong
Purple: Rigard

While waiting material for *4, leveling *3 is also good for stack and event tournament, to get more chance unfarmable mats.

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Thank you guys for quick but detailed response.
I’m going to ascend Melendor.

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How do you get epic and legendary characters I have done up over 30 summons and have only pulled 5 epic characters. Have done atlantis, seasonal, holy, ice etc. I have every rare x3 but never pull epics or legends is there a time that has better chances or just is my account targeted and destin for rares only.

Don’t get jealous :wink: a played more than him as well a have elkanen and couple days ago got domitia, that’s all I have, and I spent in total I think about 200 €, it’s just luck, some are more lucky than others, anyway while you don’t have fully maxed 3 and 4 star teams to fight the war, it’s not really necessarily to have bunch of 5 stars, that you can’t ascend to max. Just play the game, it’s long run, and try to find fun with heroes you have. It’s too bad I had to spend that money to understand that, even with those to 5 stars, I have a bunch of 4 stars who are waiting they turn to upgrade :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for being lucky. I didn’t keep track of my pulls exactly but later I also figured that from others’ experiences I was very lucky to have a full 4* rainbow team with a deep bench without spending more than about $120.

I got 2 out of 4 shields from a very unlikely source too; regular monster boxes.

By the way, all my financial accounts are under my wife’s surveilance except recognition award debit card account from my work which collects $10-$20 once in a while. I had total $250 in that and so far spent $150, all of it on this game. That’s why I have to be an f2p soon :frowning:. Whithout this luck, I could’ve quit playing already as I’m not a patient guy.

I guess in a way you’re lucky in that you can spend more than I do.

My Melendor got ascended now.

Thank you all again.


You made the right choice. I have several fully levelled 5*s including some healers, and Mel still makes the team depending on the fight sometimes. You’ll be using him for a long long time.


Not jealous was just asking is there a certain time that may seem to give epic and legendAry. Happy for the pulls you guys get was seriously asking if anyone might have tips and/or advice. I understand my wife keeps track on my account so I don’t drop a bunch of money on the game. Some of the elders in my alliance tell me to only do draw 10. Just looking for help not hating on others.

The reason I was hesitant about Melendor was that more people praise Rigard over him and recommend getting Hansel in green.

I’m surprised all the people here supporting Melendor based on their experiences.

@Boomdawg, I wish I could tell you some tips on my luck but I am still so new to the game I didn’t even know I was on the lucky side. With lack of knowledge I almost fed Wu Kong to Chao. So getting good heros too early might not be that good.


Can you elaborate more on Cyprian is on the offensive side? I couldn’t find a good explanation in googling.

It seems to be helpful for me to understand how to use him better.


Certainly. With his skill maxed, he reflects back 125% damage for himself and nearby allies. You can time that and really whack an opponent. Assume you have five heroes and Cyprian not on the wing (you wouldn’t want to do that). You have a 60% chance that a sniper will hit you and reflect all that damage back. Similar for an AoE butt he percentage is higher that they hit someone with riposte. And if they hit Cyprian, that means all three hits get reflected back. This works good on event bosses too if you’re trying to punch above your head. It’s about timing.

Thanks. But doesn’t it work the same way for the defense? When I faced a defense with him on the other side, it was a headache if Melendor didn’t get chared up timley. I wonder when you say he is more offense side it is because timing of the defense of the opponent contolled by ai not by a human?

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