The 4* nature dilemma

I have with me: gadeirus, caedmon, little John and melendor. All at 1:1. Thinking of focusing on just one for the green titan stack in case I pull a tarlak or lianna (yeah right but you know, fools can hope) in the near future. Anyone knows who I should work on next? Who gets the vote from top priority to lowest?


Gaderius is the best of them for titans, but an overall loser.

Prioritize healers, since they always will be your buttsavers everywhere.

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But gad has HOT. Wouldn’t that bump him up?

I don’t know. I kept one, but didn’t start to level him. I already met some with emblems, but he’s not my type of hero. Too slow for his small effect. If he would buff and heal all allies, he’d be great, but he only affects his neighbors and hits like a high school girl.

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Im on the same with the list that Olmor wrote…
There is never too much healers :slight_smile:

Oh yes gad’s mana speed I forgot about it. Since you mention healers. Melendor I have doubts too because of how squishy he is. For gad he is slow and has decent Def. if he fires he can move the team along. Is it possible to take melendor to 9-10 star titans and survive?

Neither Mel nor Gad.
Above 8* you’ll need maxed legends to survive the slash attacks.

Gad is a mini Ares. He’s very good in support of others. I’d go Caed, Gad, Mel myself.

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In my honest opinion if you need healers to support your war teams it has to be Melendor. If you need snipers it has to be Caedmon. If you are ok on both fronts then it has to be Gadeirus

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Or use Wilbur to survive

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Yes… I hate melendor

Rigard is so much better

Mel has his place mid game vs enemies that run unified blue tanks, but otherwise he’s decidedly meh.

I own them all, and prioritize titans.

Melendor is 4/70+10
Gadeirus is 4/70
Caedmon is 1/1
Little John is 1/1

Grimforest is fast approaching – Hansel is the best 4* green IMO, and not too hard to pull.

Melendor has very nice tile damage, Gadeirus is a plus attack buffer in green – the only other I know of is Tarlak, and when you get him they stack anyway…

You’ll also want Melendor in raids against Aegir. The enemy debuffing is huge there. Caedmon can do the same if you prefer a hitter.

I have the luck to pull Hansel last grimforest so I won’t be pulling any this time round. But yeah so I think I will do Mel, then gad, then caed.

IMO If I was you I would do Melendor the Caedmon.
Healer & fast sniper.

This is what I have with 9 shields. Waiting to see if I get Hansel in the next event.

Evelyn 3:70
Margaret 1:46
Melendor 4:70
Caedmon 4:70
Kashhrek 4:70
Jack O’ Hare 3:60
Little John 3:60
Gadeirus 1:40
Skittleskull 1:1

Mel - high tile damage / heal / dispel (the dispel becomes very useful against rare blue and certain trials and challenges)

Melendor, i use 2 of them :slight_smile:

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