Help and Advice for my Roster Progress

I don’t have falcon, can’t advice there, but I can see how he would work extremely well with BT and Wilbur. As for those two, I maxed BT first, Wilbur second. No 3/60 for Wilbur. He is emblems material. He will keep your team alive against impossible odds. Imagine getting hit by Isarnia and Quintus on the same turn and barely noticing the damage.

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If you got hit by Isarnia, then Quintus you are pretty much dead. Wilbur will do nothing against that except lessen Isarnia’s blow. Quintus will then kill you as Isarnia’s -44% defense is on you. Spirit link does nothing against the damage of full AOE hitters.


That is right, if Isarnia hits you first you will take the full force of Quintus’s blow on a low defense… But it is survivable, as Isarnia does almost no damage. The other way around, if Quintus hits you first it’s nothing, except you get your defense badly lowered, so I usually like having Rigard around if Isarnia is on the battlefield. Anyway, unless Wilbur is active, there is little chance you will survive those two…

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After maxing BT, play around with the BT-Wilbur combo and get comfortable with the duo. Then bring Falcon to 3/60, but max Wilbur first when you have the extra 4 blades. The BT-Wilbur combo will get you through almost anything between Gold and Diamond.

Wilbur worked well for me at 3/60 throughout my time in Platinum and lower Diamond… But I’m that good…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you for the input everyone.
Need more advice.

Purple: Sabina, Merlin, 2nd Proteus, or ?
Green: Kashrek, Jack O’Hare, 2nd Caedmon or Little John or ?
Blue: Grimm, Boril, Triton, 2nd Grimm or ?

My priority in order: War, Quests, Map Season 1 & 2, Titan, Raid.
And my current defense Raid:
Caedmon - Tiburtus - Boril - Scarlett - Melendor
And for future defense which is good if all maxed (including *5 heroes) ?

@FraVit93, @JMarcus, @Ian487, @DaveCozy, @CrimsonKing, @Gallowspider, @IvyTheTerrible need your advice pretty please?

This is my updated roster so far.

What a neat file!
Id say to max the Heroes you already have up to 4.70 (Boldtusk, Grimm, Li Xiu, Tiburtus and Melendor) and use them as War’s Red tank defense:
Melendor - Grimm - Boldtusk - Li Xiu - Tiburtus

Li Xiu will mostly sit there and in your weekly raid defense, sadly…

Then you could keep up with your G. Jackal, G. Falcon, Merlin and many Proteus Jr.

For War’s attacks you’ll also need many healers, so you could bring another Boldtusk to 3.60


Don’t forget about clasd trials! You should try to have enough firepower to get all the emblems you could.

So even if a second Caedmon could be useful don’t forget to level Jack O’Hare and many other useful heroes! :slight_smile:

Once you would have a solid 4* rooster you could then level your 5* heroes and use them as defenders.
I wouldn’t ascend Margaret as First green hero but the others looks good :slight_smile:


I’m a little confused; can you add some information on your available ascension materials?

Are the heroes at 3.60 options, or are you looking to bring more heroes up to that point?

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Thank you for the suggestion, well should I stop leveling Jackal and start Li Xiu?
I currently have only 6 Orbs, and I confuse shoould Ascend Wu or Jackal, and now Li Xiu is coming from your suggest, I know Li is very good and I often have trouble facing her.

And Purple thats means I start leveling Sabina, but ascend Tiburtus first? (currently only 1 Trap Tool) Already used for Proteus.

Here available and plan ascend heroes in order.
Rest column is the current mats.


Need depth advice prety please, thank you.

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When it comes to titans Wu Kong should be the first to ascend with G. Jackal shortly after.
Li Xiu can wait as scoring higher against titans is a way to increase your chances to get highrt loot tiers and ascension materials’ rolls.

For purples you could ascend Sabina up to 3.60 but I would level proteus first, he would help you with event’s completion.

After your Proteus Id say to spend your trap tools onTiburtus.


Awesome, that helps a lot. From the looks of your roster you are already capable of making six credible war hits - having squads consisting of maxed three stars is very valuable to the team. So I think it’d be fair and appropriate to turn to your four star heroes, kind of pushing that best team forward.


I’d max Boldtusk. He’s amazing and can be a great part of your defense / map / raid team for a long time. His buff is substantial, especially since you don’t have Kiril. Then re-evaluate, but probably Wilbur next (especially if you need better survivability on Titans and the map).


I’d max Grimm. He’s widely-considered the best Ramming Pulverizer, and his defense down really adds to your roster. He’s one of your hardest hitters and can be a serviceable defensive piece for a while. Again, re-evaluate after, but give consideration to Triton - you don’t necessarily need Boril to tank and Triton adds a lot to blue stacks, actually hits harder than Grimm, and provides Proteus with a needed family defense bonus.


I feel like you may as well finish Melendor. He’s close, his tiles are good (and will get better), and he needs to be maxed to have the best chance to live. Also, I have no idea what your emblem plan is, but actually everyone so far (Boldtusk, Grimm, Melendor) are very reasonable candidates for emblems in their respective classes. Lastly, this is probably just me, but having Brienne that close and not maxed would drive me crazy, so I’d finish her (also, she’s great and unique among the three stars, so it’s very worthwhile). Caedmon almost certainly next as you could really use a fast sniper / dispeller (no Sonya in the fold yet). He’s great.


If Wu Kong’s special is not yet 8/8 or if he’s dying a lot in Titan fights I’d max him. But if he’s good enough, I’d be tempted to leave him be for a bit and level Jackal, reassessing when the latter hits 3.60. You’ll almost certainly find two more orbs by the time you take one through and max them, so don’t sweat that too much. I like Li Xiu, but she can wait.


Just like Brienne, I’d be tempted to finish Gill-Ra. She’s also unique (the only three star cleanser), though not as powerful as Brienne. You should finish Proteus - great tiles, and it’ll max out his DoT. After that see it’ll be tough; you have a lot of good options! If you have four trap tools I’d consider Tiburtus, but you do already have Grimm filling the defense down role. I would give very serious consideration to Cyprian since I like riposte, though note you already have Boril for that. I think Merlin may be my pick, even though he’s not leveled as much. His skill is great, and he works very well with Proteus. Plus he’s fun. Sabina is good but can wait, especially since you have Melendor.


I’d just basically aim to get a rainbow and all your farthest leveled heroes out there. So I think that’d be:

Melendor fires first to dispell any buffs, Boldtusk fires before your hardest hitters - it doesn’t matter that Proteus goes first as his special has no immediate damage component, and Grimm lowers defense before your other damage dealer.

Ideally there’d be a rainbow, but you don’t have a great yellow option for defense. I think I’d feel okay doubling up green since they’re widely separated, are among your strongest current heroes, and if someone stacks against Boldtusk that stack will be weak against your doubled color.

Future Defense

Tougher to project and it’ll partly depend on what you do in this round AND the next one. Like, did Boril move up and is now clamoring for the tank spot (possibly with emblems)? But here’s one configuration I’d consider:

Li Xiu

Triton and Proteus get the family defense bonus and though there are several things I don’t like about this (hitter fires before BT but it’s either that or not the healing buff then the heal, dispel is in the wrong place), I think it’s a reasonable compromise. It’s a rainbow, gets strong heroes out there, has good synergy (in terms of mana control and healing + buff), and overall good skills (a healer, a buffer, a dispel, etc.).

Good luck!


Max first:

  • Boldtusk
  • Grimm
  • Melendor
  • Wu Kong
  • Proteus

Follow with these ones:

  • G. Falcon (for variety in class quests, Wilbur is serviceable at 3/60)
  • Triton
  • Jack O’ Hare (to give you more variety for class quests… since Caedmon overlaps with Melendor in class)
  • G. Jackal
  • Tiburtus

That should give you enough of a variety for class quests, such that you can at least bomb the bosses at the end stages.

Agree with Ivy as well that you may as well finish off those three stars, Brienne and Gill-Ra at least. They will also give you some vareity in class quests. Feed them only 1* heroes of their color. Save all their duplicates, and only feed them those dupes one at a time, when they get maxed and their skill still needs levels

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Very neat way to display your roster to get advice. Is it available for others to use? Thanks

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Thanks, I will combine from @FraVit93, @IvyTheTerrible and @DaveCozy advices.

Red: BT, Falcon, Wilbur (skill is at 6/8), if Falcon 3.60 at 8/8, maybe I will ascend WIlbur 1st.
Blue: Grimm, Triton
Green: Brienne, Melendor, Jack (if 3.60 skill 8/8), I will ascend Caedmon.
Yellow: Jackal, Wu Kong (skill is at 8/8), so Jackal 1st.
Purple: Gill-Ra, Proteus, Merlin to 3.60, Sabina to 3.60, Tiburtus (no mats at the moment, so later will decide which one should ascend to tier 4).

It is Spreadsheet (Microsft Excel) file from my laptop, I can send you the file if you want.

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Very cool spreadsheet and awesome hero roster! Just like the others said, finish up Melendor, Boldtusk, Proteus, and Grimm (to 3,60). Personally, I would give my next set of ascension mats to G Falcon, Grimm, Caedmon, Wu, and either Tiburtus or Sabina. I use Wu all the time and he needs to be max to survive but Jackal is just for titans or yellow stacks (but definitely do Jackal second). I keep 6 healers for War so I think you’ll want to start Sabina next or get Ursena to 2,60. You don’t have enough trap tools yet to ascend Tiburtus anyway. Just my opinions!

Like @FraVit93 said, also look at class depth when making your decisions, you don’t want to miss any emblems. I didn’t try and inspect how your teams are for class trials but that will be important to track in your spreadsheets.

You have some awesome 5* heroes waiting. Once your 4* heroes are built up, it will be great to start those!

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Thank you for the suggestion, my Jackal is at 2.30 (skill 8/8), and it is very fragile. And also Wu Kong 3.60 (8/8) is weak against Titan *7 and up (currently my alliance at around *6-*8 Titan). Well okay then I will ascend Wu first, then Jackal to 3.60, and maybe I also want bring Li to 3.60 first while waiting mats.

For purple, you are right, healer is important not only war, but also for Quest, etc. I will bring Sabina to 3.60, and while waiting mats, decide later which one should ascend.

I still below level 30 (currently at level 29), I always win at stage 2, and stage 3 require level 30 player. But you right, definitlty I will try to track class name into my spreadsheets, thank you.

Very interesting roster.

The 2 strongest colors are red and purple without taking 5*'s into account.

With Proteus, Tiburtus and Sabina you have the core for a purple strike team that is very strong.

With Boldtusk, Wilbur, Scarlett you have the core of a red strike team.

Looking at the heroes you have leveled so far you could try a defense with:

Cademon - Boldtusk - Boril - Wilbur - Proteus
Unfortunately this defense has not that much offensive power and Wilbur can be abused.

Alternate option.

Cademon - Boldtusk - Boril - Proteus - Scarlett

Excellent offense, acceptable color distribution, excellent tank, a little light on healers, good speed distribution, nice synergy.

The time comes closer where you should push your tank which will probabely get you into high platinium league.

The way it looks now this seems to be Boril.
If you go with Boril as your intermediate ( 4* ) tank max him asapbecause he will be your most valuable defense asset for quite some time.

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Boril and Wilbur are not so good together, it reflects less damage. I would leave Wilbur out of defense.


Yes @Elayanith also mention it.

Currently my war defense:
Tiburtus - Boldtusk - Boril - Proteus - Melendor

Already used last war, and result is good, need more flag to defeat from mid-level opponent. Melendor and Proteus last stand heroes.

But my priority is attack, so Boril will not ascend, I want ascend Grimm, Triton and maybe 2nd Grimm or Boril, but I will also ascend Li Xiu (as alternate tank). I will summarize for class trial, and later will decide which priority to be ascend.

Thank you all or your input/suggest.

Agreed. Wilbur is to easy to flip to a disadvantage for the defender. Kiril plus Ulmer won a lot of fights for me back in Gold against him. In Platinum I almost never see Wilbur anymore.

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The main disadvantage is the spirit link, so a riposter does not deal as much damage back as he normally could.

Boril for attack can be good. I usually take Cyprian to war against AoE hitters or bosses with high damage, so they kill themselves :slight_smile:

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