Heimdall....Tank or Wing?

Trying to see where those of you who have Heimdall have had the best position strategy with. He can be a hell of a tank, but could be wiped out before he charges his special. As wing, he has time to charge up and potentially revive and heal any fallen ally.


I’ve found him very useful on offense, but haven’t found a use for him on defense yet. Too slow for my defensive tastes…

I almost have him maxed and have been trying to figure out this very same thing. At tank he’s likely to fire at least once barring an insane red board which, makes the other 4 defenders a lot harder to kill along with the attack boost. At tank you lose the revive chance though. In the wing you can heal whatever defenders are left standing as well as potentially revive fallen heroes but 20% leaves those odds in not great territory. I’ve been leaning towards tanking personally

I’ve fought a few Heimdalls in tank and flank position. At tank if he goes off the fight becomes harder to finish if at all. He’s a beast. Flank can be tough too but he didn’t seem to build up as fast and so it was hit or miss if he affected the fight.

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When I’ve faced him at tank I’ve lost 2-3 times for every win. This is almost opposite my normal win percentage. So, plenty of work for me to get better against him.

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Tank for sure.
Revive is just a bonus.

Tank or wing?
Neither nor…
Put him on flank.



This is excellent advice that everyone who is not in Crew should follow


Don’t have him, but mostly seeing him as tank on raids. Indeed an experienced player from here (zephyr I think) states that the chance of revival is small but his HP boost and tanky stats are his most important features. Probably would do the same.

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I have him maxed @ +7 and placed at Tank with Vela and JF flanking him. He does awesome for me and keeps my cups around 2600 without me attacking. Before I had Vela and JF maxed I had Guin at tank and Heim as flank. That setup kept me at around 2500 cups. I wouldn’t recommend placing him as a wing; unless you have an abundance of tanks and maybe you’re doing a Heal Aid War? Just my two cents :slight_smile:

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He is a very good tank. Add Vela at flank and they are very tough.

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I got Queen of Hearts recently and if I ever get Heimdall, I will flank him with her and Vela. What’s more annoying than a tank that can raise HP of allies to double and occasionally revive someone that you cannot even reliably snipe while your main attackers get serious attack debuff, lol? Not to mention QoH is already hearty enough even without HP buff.

I like the idea of flank. Currently one scope and two tonics from maxing Vela and Heimdall so this is the
3-2 setup I’m eager to try.

Triton boosts healing from Kiril, and Vela boosts Tritons critical chance, and Kiril boosts attack and defense. If Heimdall shoots his special off just once, I see a decent defense.

Little John I think is the best option on right flank until I get another 5* green, unless I reset Kiril and give emblems to Kashrek to replace Little John.

Better place Tootie at tank surrounded by Vela and a red. Then put fast holy and dark on wing.

As shown would be blown. :wink:
(green mono 10 tiles over)


stacking is not a good idea on defense. Stacking is for offense. Defense stacks will be torn apart.

I had a lopsided roster and had to use 2 yellow and purple for a while. Once I got back to 4 colors and now 5 it works a lot better.

stacking is not a good idea on defense. Stacking is for offense. Defense stacks will be torn apart.


Stacking works on defense. Just don’t double up the tank color and never same color next to each other. Flank other wing is the best double positioning.

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Tank is better for Heimdall IMO.

Boosted HP makes flanks and wings harder to kill.

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It can work to a certain point sure. I found that out with mine. But there is a big difference when I was able to go rainbow comfortably.

Funny, I just argued with some guy over this on a Facebook group today and got called funny names for suggesting that Heimdall belongs to tank position. “He resurects so he belongs to wing” the tunnel vision guy kept saying. I guess some people just aren’t worth arguing with.

So yeah, in my opinion Heimdall does belong to tank. There he has 100% chance to increase all his allies HP significantly buying them time to fire + applies the attack buff, making them hurt enemies more. He’s obviously the top choice for those who couldn’t get Telluria but somehow got him and want to run the combo with Vela. The 20% chance to revive dead allies is just too little to have impact when he’s on wing. To be honest, that’s quite weird to give him the revive chance that low, it’s very unreliable for defense. Perhaps makes more sense when he is used offensively. To me, it does not justify placing him on the wing. When he’s last man standing, his special will just do nothing, would need to be lucky to raise even 1 guy, and extremely lucky to raise 2-3 and turn the match around. When on tank, the special will be far more impactful.


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