Seeking advice. Who should I use on tank? Heimdall or Richard with costume

Both of them are using Paladin emblems so answers are gonna decide which one I’m gonna put my emblems on too. I’ve been switching back and forth but I wanna know what y’all think to clear my mind.

This is my defence team:

For those who don’t wanna look both of them up here’s the hero cards:



Do you attack a lot with Heim? If so, I think the emblems would be better of with him.

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What are your alternate green and blue heroes?

I find Heimdal much stronger than Richard, costume or no, although I’ve had relatively few encounters with costume Richard tanks.

Yes, all the time. My other 5* is Horghall with no emblems and I have a maxed Skittle with 20 lvl emblems. Feels like they do so little.

Hearing this I truly think Heim is the far better option. Will another blue replace Rich in your D?

I got Magni maxed with +7. Maxed Kiril and Boril with emblems. Also got Thorne with no emblems.

For greens I have Horghall with nothing on and Skittle +20.

I think Heimdal and Magni is your best combination.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’ll definitely consider Magni on my defence team after I strip my Boldtusk and put the emblems on him.

What color are you using at wars?

If this is blue, Richard would fit better. If green, Heimdall all the way.

If no color - Heimdall.

Other color - we need to plan war defence.

And other question - why Ranvir on the wing?

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75% of my alliance uses blue but it’s not like I have to use blue or anything.

I have no other tank, must be out of these two.

I figured the late he fired the better because of his special, but I’m changing my team probably in weekly basis, you come across the time when he is on the wing lol

If you have Joon, he is better than Ranvir on the wing.

No luck with Joon, I only have Ranvir and Vivica

Other 5* in other colors?

Does your alliance use coordinating tank color in wars?

If not, hemdall

If so and they use green, hemdall

If they use blue, richard


Whether you have to or not

I’d use blue and encourage the others to do the same

Using same tank color helps a lot in war

Btw slow in the front 3 outside of tank is typically easier than other setups that don’t have a slow in the front 3. But it’ll work for now. If you snag a lianna or other average or faster green hero that could do well in flank, i would consider the switch soon

So yea in general hemdall would be best choice

But for the unity of wars I’d go blue.

going to go against the grain here. use the emblems on richard to increase his attack so he isnt useless.

defense teams are nice and all , but the game is more fun when your offensive teams are competitive.

Another slow isn’t going to help your greens attacking. You should make sure you get something fast next. Heimdall is a mediocre tank while Richard with costume boost is quite good. Unfortunately you have a lot of attack down options, but nothing to be done about that right away. This is really a clear choice. Hope for some good greens to attack with like Melendor and Caedmon, both deserve emblems.

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