Mother North as Tank

Ok, help me out please I’ve always had Mother North in the wing to protect her. I’m now toying that I might put her as Tank. My thinking is that as she has a massive 1721 health points so am opponent would have to get very lucky with tiles to take her out before being charged. Even if she is killed Heimdall might resurrect her or possibly bost her quite early. Any thoughts?

Heimdall is much better tank than MN, also in this case.

Healers at tank are not a threat. With MN’s massive 50% chance at ressurecting, placing her at tank is just wasting all this potential. At best, she will only undo couple turns of tile damage. But heroes that weren’t hurt much won’t even benefit from the entire heal.

Heimdall can at least increase the HP over max with his “heal”, and add attack buff over it.

In your case I would tank with Heimdall, flank with Ursena and Drake, and place Tyr on the right wing. This Heimdall on right wing just can’t work, I wonder if he ever fires.

Or keep tanking with Ursena and replace Heimdall with some faster wing that you have. Without Vela, I wouldn’t force green tank defense.


Nothing to be added here! :+1:

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In my honest opinion, I would leave Mother North where she is and utilise Heimdall as your tank - 100%
Good luck

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Please bear in mind that a double tank color is always a little risky. So if you are attacked by red team you have 2 vulnerable heros. I would suggest Heimdall as tank as well and mother gif you really want to put her in also- out left position. Good luck in Raids.

Happy bDay @The_Janitor :slightly_smiling_face:

MN fast blue HD Tyr Drake

Any fast blue?
Vela maybe :sunglasses:

Thanks mate. Vela for sure. I am running the most hated defence at the moment. GM Telluria Vela and sidekicks :slight_smile: Mother North is just a refreshed Albi, but not that annoying as him.

I ran MN as a war tank for a while, she performed quite well.

whatever you do, do not run a duplicate color of your tank on the wing. Makes it too easy to stack against.

Exception: ursena tank with purple wing

My Alby is maxed so could swap. Whh do you rate him so much more?

Only Alasie, Vela still unleveleed.

Heimdall is the better tank in this case. You want him to go off and utilize his HP boost as soon as possible, not when allies are almost dead

Compared to MN his special is more reliable and faster. In Raids, when I face him, I am not so amused, if MN, I am just… Meh, OK. So it is more a personal meaning, but when I face her 9/10 she is not effective, but Albi in 5/10. Mostly in wars

Thanks for that. Only way to find out I guess is swap them round and see the defence team compares.

Good luck and may the board be with you

exactly, for the most part everyone is guessing…the truth is on the field.

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