Please help me transition away from green tanks

Hey y’all! I have so much success with my Heimdall tank and my team is consistently keeping me in the 2600-2700 range.

I am just about to max Freya and I’m curious if I have a good plan to add her in my defense team or not. I would have to strip emblems from Vela, which I think I’m fine with since I’m not super happy with her anymore. Though, that means I’m leaving Heimdall without a blue flank. Would moving Finley to flank be ideal? He shines best at wing :man_shrugging:t2:

Then my thoughts moved to, what if I moved Heimdall to the left flank similar to how people use Alby and Mother North! Not many people use Heimdall there, I know his revive is the smallest but it seems like having Heimdall at tank completely makes that ability pointless. Moving Heimdall at the left wing could be useful still! Even if the revive is small, it’s still nice to have the chance to utilize it!

Does anyone have experience using Freya at tank? If so, then I was thinking maybe a team of:

Heimdell- Finley - Freya - Drake - Killhare

Does this team look good to you or does it pale in comparison to my current team?

I’ll show my other heroes too if y’all think you can come up with an even stronger defense team!

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What do y’all think of these possible teams?

Finley - Freya - Drake - Killhare - ?

Finley - Heimdell - Grazul - Killhare - Drake

At this point, heimdall looks like your best tank option

Killhare and Drake being then next best imo. If you really want to move on from green tank, my thought would be something like;

Finley- heimdall- killhare- drake- marjana

With killhare and drake being interchangeable.

Lolol did a mod (Sarah2) really edit my post to include the word “please“?!? That is so petty and pedantic. I didn’t know this forums rules said you had to have Please in the title of your posts

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You have the best team there now. But if you want to shake it up really shake it up!

Finley - Heimdall - Natalia - Killhare - Drake.

Ohhh never thought of Natalya as tank. I use her so much on offense but never on defense. Have you ever faced a Natalya tank before?

I would try this myself instead:

Finley | Freya | Heimdall | Drake | Killhare

I’ve fought her as tank a couple times and I don’t really think she’s very threatening there. It’s pretty easy to heal back the raven damage and pretty easy to flip her defense buff. Best thing she does is when she goes down she reduces all enemy mana, and I’m not really sold on the best thing happening upon KO being a selling point either.

Thanks for the advice! Do you think taking away Vela and moving Freya in, like the team you are suggesting is now opening a weakness against fire stacks that Vela was able to help stop before? Is that new weakness small enough that Freya can compensate for?

I think your current setup is the best you could have. But if you really want to get away from Heimdall as a tank, how about going old(ish) school with Guinevere? I think she’s your only other viable choice.

Heimdall, Natalya, Guinevere, Killhare, Finley…no emblem confilicts there.

I don’t think I woulld do that myself since Drake is one of the best flanks in the game. Or you could use Grazul instead of Natalya and have way too much heal/regenerate. Grazul does work nice with Killhare. On offense at least. Don’t see any other viable tanks in your squad. Aegir and Santa had their days but they are easy to bypass nowadays.


Only once. I needed Grazul on my team to save my skin!

This is actually not a bad plan…

For established/experienced players, she’s beatable - there are definite counters available (especially Kage, Seshat and Panther) but there will be plenty of newer players who don’t have Seshat, Panther is hard to target and successfully pull and Kage is a lower priority these days (and I’m certainly using mine much less without so many Guin tanks around!).

In terms of obscurity… Plenty of players will try to hit it and wind up struggling. But there will also be players (like me) with all the counters that will lick their lips and attack (often successfully!).

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Also… Killhare really wants to be a right wing. Even as average mana.

She’s a finisher - the hardest hitting AoE in the game, but you don’t want enemies surviving it to take advantage of the debuff on her own team!

Your current line up is the best and that is why you are having so much success with it, but you knew that already, didn’t you FroggyRay?

The only change I would make is get Killhare closer to the action, swap with Drake, because that is where she is the greatest pain to face against.

Like my post said, i knew this was probably the most viable option but I am trying to find a way to create a similarly strong defensive team without relying on the green tank which has become so normalized in our current meta. I’m trying to shake things up for a fun.

Also, Drake is better on flank because he gives strong damage and blinds. If Killhare goes off too early she will leave the team with defense down right when the enemy team is probably finished building up their mana, which will let the other team use all their abilities while my team is hampered. Killhare is best as a finisher. Make sure no one is left alive after her ability

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Absolutely spot on… Killhare is definitely a finisher and Drake is more valuable when he goes off earlier.

There’s no question that the way you’ve put them is better.

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