Heimdall or Telluria

Ok march 1st your lucky enough to pull both. Who are u maxing first.?

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Heimdall only because I have no Alby or MN and revive is game-changing feature. He also has the HP boost, heals & attack boost.


Personally; Heimdall…

But that’s because:
a) I have no other reviver
b) I have no 5* Green healer
c) I don’t need a super tank.


True true! Its still sooooo hard to pick though. I’m gonna have to bring both to 3.70 and see. I’d say anchors grades would be a determining factor. But I have a feeling they are both gonna get A plus lol.

I can answer same to all those. My choice would end up being who I can be more efficient with on offense.

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Not to sound derisive of Anchor (and team’s) grading, but I would not advise that to be a determining factor. Rather I would use their data/research plus your own experience with the hero to determine who to ascend.

In my opinion their grading is more intended to give a general idea of how the hero is but not to necessarily condemn or elevate heroes to use or not use status.


Lol. Well that’s a given. I have enough experience and common sense to know that. However when I’m torn I check multiple sources and get others opinion as well. Like I been team frida before she got the new A grade. I go by how I play and how they play going against them on defense. Alot of people told me to go with onatel over nieth. I chose nieth she fit my playstyle better.

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That’s good…so my point is more for anyone else reading.


I would be super happy to have either. Green is my weakest color, I only have season 1 TC 20 greens…

But that said, revive is awesome but Telluria looks like a more fun hero to use, what with all the minions. I also don’t have a tank (I’m using Isarnia for that lol) or a good paladin- so I am really hoping for Telluria.

I am curious how the crit chance bonus will work in green stacks on offense. With Tell, Gad, and Lianna (maybe also Hansel), all getting a crit chance bonus, that’s like plus 30-40% right? Whoah.

No it would just be the 10 percent chance for all greens. Only stack that would occur is if say u had gregorian.

I change my mind, I decided I want Ratatoskr. The whole changing the board thing is so nuts that it looks like the best thing small giant has done to the game since releasing alby… years ago.


You know what…I keep forgetting squirrel guy lol. He seems like he will be the best healer in the game.

I think when we take a step back and remember the rng nature of the boards in pvp outweighs the strategy a good 20-25% of the time, the strategic decision making behind collecting heroes is not as important as we want it to be. These game changing heroes that haven’t existed before on the other hand offer an entirely new user experience that makes the game feel younger.

Just a FYI, it ONLY affects tiles that are ON THE BOARD at the time of casting his special. nothing more.


Yeah if I stick him on my isarnia tank defense team, I think he would infrequently screw up the board for teams stacking green against me. I find that hilarious.

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Good pt to be made. Flank a blue tank and punish green stacks.

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I’ll pull for HOTM. I have Mother North and Alby maxed as well as a second MN at 70.

Green in my strongest team right now and none of the new heroes would make it better. They would all end up second-string. If I dont pull either and need a green tank in the future, I have Yunan sitting on the bench.

During beta testing I felt that Telluria was the better green hero and Paladin to max, simply due to average speed and the mana delay.

Heimdall is good too for different reasons, I just preferred the mana delay a lot more.


That pun on a squirrel hero made my day. Thank you kindly, Sir.

As for me, I’d gladly pull Heimdall without a Telluria, seems more valuable to me in different situations


Mana delay is always priceless.