Heimdall or Telluria post nerf

I just summoned Heimdall and now doubting on what tank to use. Telluria after nerf or change for Haimdall. It is very close so don’t know what to do.
My current team is this one:

Some advice would be appreciated

Swap for Horghall, period.

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In my honest opinion, for defence still Telluria- 100%.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Personally my defense win % with Telly tank seems to be unaffected by the nerf.

I get attacked a lot more often but still win quite a lot, and do not drop many cups.

Given her prominent role in the top 100 I assume most others are having the same experience.


Not to restart this argument, but my experience is the same as @solipsism which may be because the rebalance was just that – and not a nerf.

I would stick with Telluria. That said, Heimdall is pretty tough and the revive skill is so disheartening when it works (from the opponent’s perspective, that is). Also, it seems a shame to have a great hero on the bench that you don’t level. While Telluria is pretty good on attack (before and after the rebalance), Heimdall seems monolithically a defensive hero, at least IMO.

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Thanks for your replies.
Yes, I experience the same thing with Telluria defense. Normaly hold 2600-2700 cups over night with high percentage win rate.

That is why I am afraid they might do another “rebalance” further ahead (june/july?)… making it an actual nerf.

This is mainly why I’m considering changing to Heimdall.

PD: And yes, revive is very discouraging when attacking. It would be fun to try this team when I get the mats to ascend all the heroes :sweat_smile:. Just for laughs:


Reroll reroll reroll reroll :slight_smile:

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