Which hero is better Heimdall or Telluria?

I have a question, which hero is better Heimdall or Telluria?


I would max Telluria first myself


I would max Heimdall first myself

Conclusion: It depends on your needs. Both are good ones!

which is a better tank?

I’d say it depends on if you already have a reviver. If you have Mother North or Alberich, then I’d say Telluria. But if not, then I’d go with Heimdall.

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I do not have Mother North or Alberich

Tested against both in Beta as tanks, and I think Telluria is the better tank over Heimdall.

In general, I liked Telluria more as well, but that may be my preference – I like mana manipulation heroes, and Telluria provides that.


There’s a Telluria hype atm. Is Telluria that much better that she deserves the emblems? Or are we all following like sheep after the first one?

If I look at stats from Anchor then they are both A+ on tank. Just Telluria is better at offense and Heimdall is better on Titan. I have both and just one set of emblems…

Is it still better to use Tell or should I give emblems to Heim?

I have the two heroes, they are excellent, Telluria is better at tank and flank position in defense, but the difference is not huge, the advantage of Telluria is average mana.
In offense Heimdall is clearly A+, he is more versatile + resurrection, I see more strategy with him in offense compared to Telluria.
Heimdall is like a 5* Kiril + Mother North.

All I see is telluria tanks heimdall suck?

Telluria is more common because she is hotm and can be pulled all month - heimdahl was only pullable for 4 days

I have both - they are both great - fun thing i have done in war attacks on green momo is use both alberich and heimdahl - you literally cannot die, its crazy

Used them on same team

I use fully leveled mother north and heim and find the same thing. It’s awesome! That’s why I wondered about leveling heim over telluria. I get your point about the availability, cause I have several tell and one heim

So I have Telluria maxed with emblems. I pulled Heimdall today. I have mats to ascend another green 5. I was going to use them in Lady Locke as my green team is weak on tile damage and she has a one of the best in the game. Not to mention her DoT is one of the highest. But I’m envisioning having both Heim and Tel maxed. Could be fun. Is there room for both in defense? Should I go with Heimdall or Lady Locke? I can bring the other to 3-70 while I’m waiting.

I have Telluria (no heimdall) yet. Telluria has won me more matches that I was destined to lose simply by being on the team. Getting her special off once often stabilizes a bad situation very quickly and turns the tide. I use her in raids, but also in maps and quests. Has made hard levels much easier to coast through.

With that being said I ran into Heimdall in a raid the other day and he’s ridiculous. I knew he was great, but what I didn’t know at the time was that his 500hp ability stacks. I held my own in the raid to the point where I hit the 5 min warning, but at one point I was fighting a Black Knight with 3000HP. I couldn’t put damage the health being applied enough to make a difference. In that case, he actually had Heimdall on the outside wing position to protect him. See below for the team. Near the end of the battle all of his guys were between 2400-3000 HP. And what is more ridiculous is that his Heimdall and Telluria weren’t even close to being maxed out. Took a screenshot of his BK stats after the 5 min warning.

With stacking being a thing, I would think a team with 2x Heimdall would be amazing, and probably borderline immortal with a tank and some support to keep them alive long enough to go off once each.

Now that I’m seeing more GM-Heimdall-Vela combos in raids I kind of think this combo is tougher than GM-Telly-Vela combos.

Not trying to start another buffs/nerf debate storm but does this mean Heimdall is about to get neutered too?

Nice try lol lol. :joy:

Serious question… no joke :stuck_out_tongue:

That HP bonus keeps GM and Vela alive to fire and cripple my 3-2 green-purple team. My win rate is 60% after 10 attempts

Am I the only one having difficulty with GM-Heimdall-Vela teams?

From all my raiding, its a non issue :man_shrugging: but think there is enough hysteria going on without injecting more…why not nerf Miki while were at it…his titan scores are insane

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