Heimdall vs Telluria

Which you prefer and Why ?
I have Telly at level 18 and I’m pulled Heimy last month … Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have both and the plan was to max out Heimdall and replace Telluria. However, just as I got to that point I pulled Krampus…
So watching what players have to say in this thread.

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Wow! Amazing pull. I need Krampus too. Lol.

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I have both maxed… Telluria since the second nerf was my tank, after that i change my tank with heimdall. I think that telluria is a little better in the tank position. This is the only thing now she is good. I never use her in raids, in wars in titans. Totally useless, apart the tank position on defence.


When serving as tank, I don’t fear facing a fully emblemed Heimdall than a fully emblemed Telluria. Even if Hemmy edges Telly on defense stats, the former only boosts health and buffs attack of his allies and really does nothing direct to the attacker, while the latter, even if already nerfed, does many things both on her fellow defenders (nerfed heal over time and minion summoning) and against her attackers (nerfed mana regen ailment and minor initial damage). Again, even if Telly’s been nerfed significantly, she at least tries to delay the attacker’s progression in the battle.

Offensively, I’d rather bring Hemmy than Telly because the former’s skills are very good overall support in health boost, attack buff and the minor chance of resurrecting fallen allies. The current Telly is not almost anymore playable as she once was prior to her nerfing, which is sad since some people spent time, effort and resources trying to nab her because she was advertised good in both offense and defense. Too bad her counters came in late that SG is forced to reduce her significance in the game.


Hard to say who is better at tank. I made the switch to heimdal and am happy about it. Who wants to use the RAREST items on a hero just to be tank and not be used anywhere else. +1 for heimdal.


Im probably going to switch my raid & war tank from Telluria to Heimdall.

Thinking for this is the 2 new rush wars and the abundance of heroes designed to smash/steal/kill minions means Telluria isn’t the unstoppable force she was.

It will be later in the month when I have my resources all sorted but I’ll be taking Heimdall to around +15 emblems.


Yipeeeee… more fun for me seeing Heimdall tanks.!! Keep them coming and bench your Tellies. That way I can use my reds instead of the greens I usually use against Telly-tanked teams.


If its only for tanking proposes i think i struggle mostly when face tellu and i cannot kill her, clean or protect from her mana slow down. That extra turn to charge your heroes can turn a match uphill.

I havent face as many Heimdals but it seems to be kind of passive compared to telluria. Yes, the hp boost can be annoying but it wasnt that annoying the times ive faced him.

On the other hand talking about offense, there i pick Heimdall all day long


I personally stripped Tell for heim… if I’m going to commit that many emblems to a hero I want them to have more value then just tanking in wars… my one shot defending percentage hasn’t really decreased by any noticeable margin. Ymmv.

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A tanks job is to tank. The other 4 if properly equipped can do the killing.

And Heimdall can tank but like any hero if you opponent gets the board they die all the same.

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If you want to see tanking only by stalling yes, even Zulag or Kashhrek can do the job. Does that mean they are good tanks? Thats is a discussion matter, a matter of playstyles? Maybe ? I prefer tanks that not only work for tanking proposes because the stats if not because they can punish the enemy.

Heimdall can punish the enemy with the extra hp? I would say yes, but i feel that telluria is more opressive and that mana slow down she casts punishes me more.

I consider that the difference is not that big between these two. And its why i think a good idea to quote this

If i have two tanks so close in power to let people have different opinions then the difference is no that big(you will have similar results) so it would be a good idea to opt for the most versatile of the two -heimdall-


Telluria was doing a lot (if not too much) alone, that was the main issue about her. With Heimdall, I think it’s a different approach to defence team building. The choice of flanks is very important. They should be very punishing. Because if you don’t kill him at once, flanks become super annoying to kill. If they are devastating, attacking player can be in real trouble after the health boost goes off.


Don’t have Telluria, have Heimdall +20. Depends on what you want. I’d say Telluria is slightly better tank than Heimdall, but Heimdall is much more versatile. He’s literally on every team I have, except for war teams, for obvious reasons. He’s great on Quests/Challenges, where he keeps you alive, on titans, where he raises your attack, on raid, because again, he keeps you alive and has great advantage of his heal being rarely wasted, as it can go over the max (unless you hit 200%, but then your enemy really should not be problem).


I’ve got both, and am just about to switch back to Telluria, as I’m dropping out of diamond too often. Never happened with Tell as tank.


My heimdall +20 still keeps me at 2600 in the diamond arena, I don’t have telluria, but as a tank Telluria is definitely better.

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@Slobix, what would you suggest as ideal flanks for Heim?

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Well I made the switch this week. The Rush wars was the clincher for me. By the end of this POV I’ll have him at +18

War defence will be either:

C.Sartana - Gefjon - Heimdall - Finley - C.Joon


C.Sartana - Mitsuko - Heimdall - Finley - C.Joon

The Gefjon vs Mitsuko debate is one steered by the dual issue of emblems and whether having a mana control with anti-blue is more useful than a fast hard hitting sniper. Reasoning around the blue control is often in the none fast wars we think (and it’s anecdotal) that people will pick a Heimdall tank over a Telluria/Frigg tank due to the slow so having something that hurts that potentially is nice. I used Heimdall in the last war and picked up a 0 which tells me he’s not absolutely useless in a normal war. Sure he’s getting 1 shot but at this level so is everything :joy:

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What do you have? :joy:
Unfortunately, I don’t have a strong blue flank yet, so I use very fast Gravemaker and Clarissa. Given the fact that I don’t have a lot of emblems there, it works well since I rarely fall bellow 2500 cups (White Rabbit and Fenrir wings). TP of my defence team is about 4350. Ideally, I’d put strong blue+red flanks, but my choice is quite limited tbh.
@Cheds offered some interesting combinations that could work well.

And course depends on how your Alliance runs wars. We want Y & P on the wings and RGB centre. So choices are made based on that predominantly. My 2 costumed snipers are also Fighters so bring a chance of Revive into play. Plus they hit like trucks, always useful. I have Vela at +18 and she’s still in my consideration. We faced Blue tanks last war and Vela was hands down one of the most annoying. My only lose…when she fires with high level mana troop and 20 emblems it hurts. It hurts a lot…

I may experiment next war with Vela flank. Just to see if if makes a difference. Of course it’s hard to know as you have no clue what your opponent brings (the vast majority of the time anyway) so you can’t really gauge other than seeing if you get a defence hold early or later etc etc. But I’ve not had a 0 defence with Telluria in a very long time. Even pre-nerf.

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