Need Advice; Green 4 pick 3 (Morgan, Heimdall, Telluria, Lianna)

When I drew Morgan last avalon, I knew she was the hero I would work on for green, since all I had before were the elk and kad twins, not worth the tonics. Plus I have 600 sorcerer emblems just sitting there.

But since then, I’ve obtained Heimdall, Telluria and Lianna. I have enough tonics for 2 of them, and I foresee getting enough for 3 fairly soon. So, which 3 of the 4 should I work one first?

All of my sorcerer and Paladin emblems are free. Ranger emblems are on Buddy, but I can probably reset him since I’d be replacing him with Telluria as Tank (I have vela for flank).

Morgan is currently at 3/57, Telluria 2/29, Heimdall 1/22, Lianna 1/1.

If it was me:

Lianna First
Then Morgan
Then Telluria

Lianna is a general purpose kick-■■■ sniper. You can take her anywhere & she will be effective

Morgan is an amazing winger on defence & very powerful in offence once she gets going… I have her maxed & at +19 & have seen her single-handedly wreck an enemy team…

The argument between Telly & Heimdall is less cut & dry… Telly is a fantastic tank but whether you want/need a green tank is a different question… She is pretty good on offence with the mana slow & healing but her damage does leave a bit to be desired of…

Heimdall on the other hand is a reviver & healer/ Health Booster… with an attack buff… So he has the opportunity to not only provide the healing & chance for revive (which I am told has saved many peoples raid offence) but will ALSO be able to potentially go up to +100% bonus HP AND give an attack buff… which no other green can do (Gadeirus excepted but he is only nearby).

There is in fact an entire thread dedicated to Telly vs. Heimdall so feel free to have a read:

In Summary

Lianna first cause she will give you some epic verstility (doesn’t need emblems to shine)

Morgan next to make use of the sorcerer emblems & cause she’s kick-■■■

Telly/Heimdall will be tricky & will need you to make a judgement call on which you need more & which you need first to go to 4/80 rather than leaving at 3-70


Having got both Heimdall and Telluria, Morgan already maxed. Heimdall is pretty Fantastic and I maxed him as I needed a healer. But for general farming and quests i feel he could have done very well at 3/70. Telluria on the other hand seems like she will need to be maxed to be effective. She has good stats as a tank especially with the paladin class. Morgan is great for eating away at pesky wings like MN and Alby. Her DOT is more potent the more emblems you have on her so go attack path :slight_smile:

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By the way, I love Morgan on the wing for + heal wars. Only time I ever use 2 of the same colour in a defence

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I was planning to have Heimdall / Clarissa / Telluria / Vela / X defense eventually.

But, I feel that with morgan, it’s too… slow? Takes too many turns for all of the damage to take place, and who knows what can happen during those turns.

What do you guys think? @Guvnor

BTW right now my no.1 priority is building an invincible defense team for alliance wars. I’m tired of losing AW by 150 points because we have 20-30 flags more left than our opponents, so I wanna help carry our alliance a bit more.

For the record, most of our opponents have maybe 3-4 teams with 4k+ tp. Most are around 3.5k or so.

My opinion is above :stuck_out_tongue:

I love Morgan Le Fey… I think she is (hands down) one of the best versatile green heroes around… Her Self-Healing makes her an absolute beast in Field Aid Alliance Wars.

The DoT can (on offence) be sent to various heroes so she essentially can (and has) wiped out an entire 4 vs. 1 on her own (I had her healing at >1.2k per turn on one battle).

As for being “too slow” she’s fast manna so… faster & more effective than Telluria and wayyy faster than Heimdall :stuck_out_tongue:

F.w.i.w, if you are going to double stack Greens on your defence team, they should (ideally) be as far away from each other as possible AND (when possible) have a Blue Hero sandwiched between (to reduce the effect of a Red Stack)


when I said “slow” I meant having a team of heimdall / clarissa / telluria / vela / morgan being too slow in terms of damage dealing, cuz there’re no direct snipers. I know your opinion on morgan, I was just trying to get some advice on my AW defense.

Personally, I wouldn’t be putting three greens in there… Two would be the limit for me.

Problem is I don’t know your roster so am unsure what sort of defence I COULD be working with…

In a vacuum I would be picking the two greens which I can separate the most; that would be Heimdall in Left Wing & Morgan in Right wing… Problem is that Heimdall isn’t (imo) a great Wing Reviver as his Revive % is so low…

So from that perspective it would be better to go with:
x | Clarissa | Telluria | Vela | Morgan

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I will jump on what @Guvnor said, Heimdall is not good in the wing.

Just faced him in the wing on two raids now in what should have been beastly teams. His talent is wasted on the wing. MN yes, Alby sure.

Their revive percentage is much higher than Heimdall’s. By the time he fires most or all of his team is dead, if he doesn’t revive anyone then he is dead too. Flank or better at tank for Heimdall.
He is CRAZY good at tank, even if he dies after firing the wings are almost certainly at over 100% health and the flanks probably are too (at least one of them). With that legacy the board still has to be good for you to win.