Telluria or Heimdall

At this moment both of them are at 3/70 and I’m waiting for book in order to ascend them to the last level.

So, the question is who to level up first and who to give emblems which I’m gonna take from King Arthur.

Only one of them is planned for war team, and is not gonna be tank (Telluria would be flank and Heimdall is planned for wing).

Also, who would you give wizard emblems taken from Kashrek - Jean Fransoa or Kiril? Kashrek is at this moment at max with talents…

I have both Telluria and Heimdall maxxed (on 2 separate accounts) so they both serve me the tank role. But in wars they are placed as the flanks and they can tough opponent to kill :slight_smile: (we use blue tanks)
From offensive perspective - i really like to ride with Telluria as her mana delay and minions buy time for your snipers…but Heimdall for me is just brilliant hero and I’ve often finished raid with 150% and tripled seshat minions :slight_smile:
Regardless of your choice - Telly or Heimdall brings a new quality to the table :slight_smile:
Last but not least - in defence Heimdall is not that effective when placed in the corner - his resurrection is lower than alby /mn, while overhearing works all the time :slight_smile:

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On the topic of Heimdall vs. Telluria there are like a half dozen threads already on that specific comparison/ decision:


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