Hard choice: Colen or Boldtusk

At the moment, I am playing:

Rigard 4.70
Danzaburo 3.60
Boril 3.60
Colen 3.60 or Boldtusk 3.60
Little John 3.60

Coming soon: Wu Kong (currently 1.1) will replace Danzaburo

To progress in the map and to attack in war, I use Boldtusk. The only direct attacker is Little John, who tends to die early, and Danzaburo when he decides to activate the skill properly.
In raids (and war defence), I use Colen, and I still have difficulties when opponent has good healers.

I can now ascend Colen or Boldtusk, and cannot decide.
I like Boldtusk more, but:

  1. The abilities of Boldtusk and Wu Kong might interfere with each other
  2. I will lack direct attacks

Which would you ascend?

BT skill stack with Wu’s buff, so no interference problem.
Go with BT, you won’t regret it
You already have 1 slow hero in LJ so i don’t think a second one would really help.
BT will help with tile dmg and he is a serviceable flank to Boril in keeping him alive, therefore making riposte last longer
You will use BT for a long time, while Colen will eventually get sidelined.
If you can get your hands on some 4* snipers, that could help you out also


BT by a mille. and 20 chars more


Definitely Boldtusk over Colen


Boldtusk every day every way.


Boldtusk in a second. I hope you get better heroes soon!

Go ahead with Boldtusk :+1:

In my honest opinion it has to be Boldtusk and then a second Boldtusk and then Colen.


You might want to change the topic to: Easy choice! Boldtusk over Colen by a country mile!


What do you think?

Second bt or colen??

That is ny dilemma

Not hard at all, BT.

I’m on my second BT, probably ate a dozen Colens.
Will likely do a third BT before even considering Colen.

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I would say Colen before a second Boldtusk for the Raid Tournaments, if you do them.


This I actually agree with. Colen is great in the very fast tourneys.

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Colen over a 2nd Boldie.
Both together paired with Wilbur will end nearly every battle.

I favor variety. My only leveled duplicates are Proteus and Mother North. Different specials will be more devastating in most cases.


Not a hard choice at all, in my opinion; Boldtusk. By a mile. For all the reasons already said here.

I still use Boldtusk in alliance wars in top 5 alliances (7DD), sometimes 2. Colen’s only useful every 4th week or so in the fast raid tourney IF it’s limited to 4s not 5s.


Same with everyone, I will go Boldtursk. He makes normal attacks become devastating.

In the defence or attack you put boldtusk?

Here’s my opinion: Boldtusk and Colen… and Gormek also… That trio rocks against green tanks. I successfully used them as my main attack line for quite a while. Boldie boosts attack and keeps Colen alive, Gormek drops the enemy defense… three red tiles later Colen burns away those still standing across the battlefield… so, both of them, soon as possible… start with Boldie though…


Attack. any 4s are too weak for top 5 alliance war defense. But attack BT is good…

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