Colen vs Little John

Which do you like better?

I’m thinking I want to ascend one of these heavy hitters, but not both simultaneously. Who would your choice be?

For reference:

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Depends largely on what else you got in your roster :stuck_out_tongue:

Colen has the DOT aspect as well as the DOA. Pairs very nicely with BT & Wilbur & Falcon in a Red-Stack.

LJ is the hardest hitting of the Green 4* in terms of base attack stats (except for Jack O’Hare) and also pairs nicely with the Damage Share of Wilbur. Benefit is that LJ has the Mana Slow rather than additional DoT.

So with all that in mind, I’d say I can’t really make a major recommendation without knowing what else you got :stuck_out_tongue:


I like both of them since I have them maxed and emblemed. The choice needs to be based on what other heroes you have. If you have Boldtusk and Wilbur, then Colen is a pure beast. But if you lack green hitters and need mana control then LJ is great. Here are my cards for reference.


I’m not so much looking for a tailored recommendation, more just curious how other people think they stack up against each other

My problem with LJ is that a slow mana controller feels like too little too late sometimes. By the time he goes off either enemy specials have already hit or they’re so close that mana slowing won’t matter much. Colen takes care of that by just killing everyone.

I will say that LJ excels at wars though, particularly if you are cleaning up an attack and can ghost tiles to activate his special early on.

Additionally, I don’t think either one is durable enough for higher level raids without a strategy to keep them alive, which is generally a lot easier with a red stack than a green stack.

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I like LJ better for one simple reason: green SUCKS, and he goes huge to help the color out. Colen is also great, I love him. But red has a lot of awesome heroes already. It’s the best color in general. So red needs a slow mana/heavy hitter less than green needs it.


I like both of them and there isn’t much to separate them… High attack, low Def, decent AoE special and secondary effect.

So as others have said, the decision on which to max is all about context.

Another aspect to consider is whether either will help you in trials more.

I see you have Grimm and BT - will either LJ or Colen get emblems?

If you put a gun to my head, I’d pick Colen purely for sentimental reasons because he was my second 4*.


That’s a fair point about LJ’s utility as a slow mana controller.

I’ve got a better support framework in a red stack as well, though Mel’s costume with defense up is a nice addition to my greens

Both can become a game changer.

LJ has saved me several times, even against 5*

LJ first, Colen 2nd.

Both worth it to be maxed


I’d probably slap some emblems on either one, though I am planning on gretel to be my next holy; so maybe that shifts things a bit more in Colen’s favor.

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