Second Wilbur or finish colen?

For reds I already have a fully ascended azlar, Marjana, scarlett, boldtusk, and Wilbur. Colen is at 3/38 atm. I also have a Jean Francois at 3/68. Should I swap out colen for another Wilbur instead? Or maybe even another boldtusk?

For AW second Boldtusk and second Wilbur are useful. Colen, however, can be used in epic challenges and emblem quests. So, I’d, probably, max Colen.

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I would finish Colen since you’re so close already. He has his uses. A 2nd BT will serve you well for wars. I don’t personally see much point in a 2nd Wilbur but some people swear by him.

Colen is like a mini Azlar. If you plan on making a 2nd red team for wars, he will be great paired with a 2nd BT and Wilbur, later down the line. Other than that he is pretty useful in challenge events and 4 star rush tournaments. I have a Colen+18, who is extremely devastating. I don’t have Azlar, so I use him in my 4-1 red war team paired with Wilbur, Falcon and Anzogh. :slight_smile:


Wilbur and Colen are a nice combo. Defense down then torch your opponent. You already have an Azlar, but Colen would fill that same role in 4* tournaments. I never find myself using Colen in challenge events. If you don’t have 6 good healers yet for wars, Boldtusk is a great option with how many reds you have. If you ever get the Boldtusk costume, level both of them.

I have 2 costumed BT and 2 Wilbur levelled, only 1 Colen.

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Colen first it is before the second boldtusk and then Wilbur. Thanks for the advice everyone!

Oh! I forgot about 4* tournaments, especially rush attacks.

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