Talents to Colen or Hu Tao?

  • Colen
  • Hu Tao

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Feel free to elaborate on your choice. Thanks :slight_smile:

This really depends on your personal preference and uses. I prefer Colen but didn’t have Hu Tao til later on. I used Colen for a long time, but his versatility is questionable at best.

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Went Colen gonna max hu next on my holy. Burn is gonna burn, blind is a percentage of a chance.
Plus if you have falcon them to together is a nice partnership,


Both are for the war teams, not in the main crew…

I wouldn’t take either one that far then as if they just a war team I took my Colen too +7 that’s it, as rather not put loads on him or others but still want to keep some him without doing a full reset. But everyone plays different :woman_shrugging:


I chose Boldtusk and Lancelot out of my 4* fighters to give most of my emblems to.

But out of those two, Colen is the better hero IMO.

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In my honest opinion, and I have both these heroes on max, I would focus on Colen first then do Hu Tao.
Good luck


BT has max talents already :star_struck:

List item

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Thanks everyone! I was thinking Colen and now you confirmed it :slight_smile:


I also vote for Colen. You should choose the attack path for him so that his DoT becomes higher.

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