Guardians University: Where you spank and sometimes get spanked in war!

Guardians University is full right now, but we have opening in some of our family alliances!

Visitors from Guardians of the North are leaving today, so there will be a couple of openings again in University. Come on by if you think you’ll be a good fit!

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Three spots open in Guardians University! Claim your spot while it’s still available! :blush:

Guardians University is full at the moment, but stay tuned!

Two spots open in Guardians University! Take your spot before it’s gone! :heart:

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The guardians family is awesome, every level of player is represented, I’ve spanked a titan in all of them, come join and have some fun.


Hi all,
We are still open! :slight_smile:

I’ve been with guardians for a couple of months now and it was a great choice.

Guardians are multinational, English-speaking family and have different levels of play for everyone, from beginners to most dedicated veterans. University is the middle tier, with 10* titans and members who are developing their rosters and first 5* teams.

We are very active, with own Line groups, and supportive towards players. We exchange tips, help each other, and learn through experience :slight_smile: and most importantly, we are always moving forward!

Come visit us, and find a place for yourself within many of our alliances :muscle:t3:

PM Tren Drassor on LINE for more info !


We’re still recruiting! Come spank our Titans and war opponents! If you’re an active player with an urge to learn more about the game, come check us out!

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