Guardians University: Where you spank and sometimes get spanked in war!

Looking for new alliance here. Am level 62, ended up in charge of my first alliance when leader left. Am not looking to lead any more. Never had any real first hand advice, mostly picked up info from the forum.

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Hi there, @HunterKiller !

Level wise, you might be better fit for Guardians Ascending. Check the below chart to see where you might fit.

But if you want to learn more basics about the game, you might want to start off at Guardians University, then move on to Ascending when you are more comfortable. That being said, we continuously learn even in upper level alliances in the Guardians family! And this forum is a great source of E&P information!

Also, you do not need to lead unless you want to. No pressure there. All that we ask is that you hit the Titan daily, use all war flags (if you’re participating in it), and read the in-game chats for important information.

We constantly shift within the family alliances, so don’t feel that you’d be stuck in one alliance. I’m in Ascending right now, so feel free to say hi to me in there! Also, feel free to ask more questions and hope to see you somewhere in the Guardians family!


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Thanks everyone for your interest!
University is now full but we got free spots in other alliances :slight_smile:

Any questions, please reach out

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We got one spot open now !

If interested, let us know here or via Line :slight_smile:

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We currently have six spots free :slight_smile:

If you are very active team player who wants to learn and develop, go ahead and join our huge family with own Line groups!

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